the Abstract of Title

Updated information on What the Abstract of Title Is

For some, buying and maintaining a boat is the epitome of the American Dream. While purchasing the boat is certainly an achievement, it is important to realize that it is all a major investment that requires quite a bit of thought and commitment. Before you drop anchor off the coast of Key West, there are some…

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a Vessel Documentation Search

How to Perform a Vessel Documentation Search at Our Website

If you’re in the market for a commercial vessel or a large recreational boat, it’s important to run a background check, especially if you are purchasing from a private seller. Checking a boat’s history can expose past problems and is a must for smart shoppers. lets you perform a vessel documentation search by name or…

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Maritime Documents Renewal

Maritime Documents Renewal – What To Do?

If you’re a commercial boat owner, you are required by federal law to maintain proper documentation on your vessel. If your USCG certificate documentation has expired, it’s time to renew. However, if you are already 30+ days past your maritime documents renewal date, you will need to complete a reinstatement in order to comply with…

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an Abstract of Title Vessel

What is an Abstract of Title Vessel?

Buying a vessel, boat or even a yacht is a massive undertaking;  it is a thoughtful financial obligation that requires long-term maintenance for as long as you will own it. To make sure you are investing your money intelligently, ensure that you do your homework before you finalize any deal. To get all the compulsory…

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the Coast Guard Boat Documentation Search

Why You Want to Use the Coast Guard Boat Documentation Search

As much as you would love to own a brand-new boat fresh out of the showroom, the truth is that an investment like this can be quite steep, especially if you are a first-time boat owner. For many first-timers, it makes more sense to look for a second-hand vessel. Plenty of owners are out there…

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U.S. Coast Guard vessel renewal

Did You Forget Your U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Renewal?

You are so excited about summer coming, and you anticipate spending many days out on your boat, soaking up the sun, enjoying the waters, swimming, fishing, and traveling to wherever you want to go. Maybe this year you finally take that extended trip you have wanted to take down the coast or to some tropical…

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a Coast Guard documentation lookup

A Coast Guard Documentation Lookup Makes Buying a Boat Easier

Think about the last time you went shopping for a new car, or when you bought your home. You may have spent months looking over information, getting feedback, looking at potential vehicles or houses, and more before you chose what was best for you. You were diligent, so you made sure you were investing your…

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Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center

Your Boat and the Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center

A lot more goes into owning a boat than you may realize at first. While you may purchase your ship with the intent of going out and enjoying time with your friends and family, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, or just traveling to warm, exotic places, you have to work at maintaining your boat to keep it…

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