Coast Guard abstract of title

Using a Coast Guard Abstract of Title Before Buying a Ship

You spotted that pleasure boat or luxury vessel as you drove by the marina and it immediately caught your eye. It’s beautiful and it has everything you ever wanted in a ship. And to top it off, it had a “For Sale” posted on it. You may have called the phone number or looked up…

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Coast Guard vessel search

A Coast Guard Vessel Search Provides Valuable Information

We live in an age today where information is vital in nearly every decision we make. Whether we are looking to select a doctor, a restaurant, a wireless phone plan, or buy a new couch, we do research and look at reviews and background to see what the best choice would be. Now think about…

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maritime document

What Maritime Documents do I Need?

Of all of the questions that we get asked, this might be the most common. Knowing what to do with your vessel doesn’t necessarily correspond to knowing what to do with your maritime document. Being the best helmsman or vessel owner does not mean that you will automatically understand vessel documentation. That’s alright, though, and…

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46 CFR Part 67

46 CFR Part 67 and Other Confusing Forms Explained

The jargon of vessel documentation isn’t easy to parse. With all of those different terms being thrown around, it can be confusing to follow even if you’ve been around boats and the water for decades. What can make it all the more confusing is when terms like “46 CFR Part 67” is thrown around, too. …

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what is a documented vessel

What is a Documented Vessel in the U.S.?

Many responsibilities are involved when you enter into boat ownership. You have the financial aspect of ownership that you need to live up to, but you are also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep, the safety and security, and understanding what you must do to keep the vessel at its best. One aspect you do…

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vessel search by name

Take the Time to Perform a Vessel Search by Name

With everything that is listed for sale today, the opportunities seem endless when you want to make purchases like buying a car, a house, or a large boat. There are plenty of companies that sell these things brand-new, but there are just as many listed on the secondary market where you can make a purchase…

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vessel documentation

The Steps Involved with Vessel Documentation

That fantastic new boat you just bought is going to bring you years of fun and leisure. You, your family, and your friends can spend hours, days, or even weeks sailing all over, enjoying different countries and islands, fishing, snorkeling, swimming, basking in the sun, and who knows what else. With all the great things…

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Coast Guard documented vessel search by owner

Can You do a Coast Guard Documented Vessel Search by Owner?

Because buying a boat is such a large purchase for you, you naturally want to take your time, examine all your options, and get as much information as possible before you sign any bill of sale. More people today look to the secondary market to buy boats because they can find a better deal from…

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