Coast Guard lookup service

Use The Coast Guard Lookup Service To Search For Vessels

When you are thinking about taking ownership of a new boat, you want to know as much as possible about it before you lay out any money. The key to finding out more about the boat is making a request for a Coast Guard lookup service. This application will request that the US Coast Guard…

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USCG boat name

Finding Your Vessel With USCG Boat Names Searches

You have your eye on a new vessel that you want to buy. Just like with any other big investment, such as a house or a car, you will need to make sure that you are actually buying what is being offered and that it is the best vessel for you. You can’t send your…

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US Coast Guard documented vessel bill of sale

What Is A US Coast Guard Documented Vessel Bill Of Sale?

If you are planning on selling your boat, you will need to do your research about the US Coast Guard documented vessel bill of sale and how it might apply to you. These documents can be the best way to settle your connection to a vessel and ensure that you are not blamed for any…

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Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center

How To File With The Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center

When you own a boat, you are likely to need to register it with the US Coast Guard. Known as vessel documentation, this is the national registry of vessels in US waters and is administered by the US Coast Guard at their Documentation Center. In order to apply to document a vessel, you will need…

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Vessel Documentation Search By Hull Number

Check Boat Sales With Vessel Documentation Search By Hull Number

You are contemplating buying a boat, and want to know more details about its history. Running a background check on any vessel is very important, as it can throw up details about the boat’s past life that would otherwise have remained hidden. In order to conduct this check in the most effective manner, you should…

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US Coast Guard vessels

The One Place for Coast Guard Vessels Registration

If you’ve ever shopped for something online, then you know how hard it can be to find the exact thing that you want. Sure, when you go online, you’ll be able to find so many different options and be exposed to things that you didn’t even know existed. However, it can be difficult to find…

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renew boat registration

Renew Boat Registration Easily and More

Once you get vessel documentation, you don’t want to give it up. You want to be able to hang onto it so that you can legally use your vessel whenever you want. Sure, you could maybe try using your vessel with an expired registration, but why chance it? The penalties just aren’t worth it. Besides,…

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a Boat online registration

Everything You Might Need for Boat Online Registration

Boat online registration can be confusing. For many vessel owners, it can feel like a pop quiz that there was no way to study for. It’s natural to get overwhelmed by all of the different forms that you have to fill out, the deadlines, and so forth. We get that. Indeed, that’s why we built…

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US Vessel Registration

US Vessel Registration: After the Process, Then What?

We see it all the time with the vessel owners who come to our site: you finally get the boat that you’ve had your eye on. Then, using the Maritime Documentation Center, you’re able to get your vessel registered. Elated, joyful, and content, they go about using their vessel in the manner they intended. Perhaps…

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