merchant mariners document

What is a Merchant Mariners Document?

Working on a ship or captaining a vessel can be a fantastic job. Still, it also requires skill, experience, and knowledge of the waters. While it may seem easy for you to just climb behind the wheel of your smaller boat and go out for the day, larger ships such as commercial boats or even…

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boat registration renewal

You Need to File a Boat Registration Renewal

Spring is here once again, and summer is just around the corner. You have probably already spent time getting your boat ready for the warmer weather, doing annual maintenance and cleaning after storing your vessel over the winter. While you are taking care of preparing your recreational watercraft for fun and adventures, it is a…

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watercraft registration

The Process of Watercraft Registration Made Easier

Purchasing and owning a boat places responsibility on your shoulders. The maintenance of a vessel of any size can take time and money, but it is necessary so you can keep the ship seaworthy and safe. Beyond that, you also have responsibilities when it comes to the paperwork involved with your boat. You may have…

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register a boat

How Much is it to Register a Boat?

You wanted that yacht you saw for sale online. Every day you would spend time looking at the pictures, reading the description, and imaging yourself sitting on the deck of the ship enjoying the breeze off the water. You could go fishing, take exotic vacations, or just enjoy quiet time on the lakes and ocean…

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U S Coast Guard certification

Do You Need U.S. Coast Guard Certification for Your Boat?

You still have a hard time believing it is true. One day, your dreams of owning a boat are just that – dreams. The next day, you have a bill of sale in your hand, indicating you are the new owner of a vessel that you know you will love sailing as often as possible….

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