boat online registration

A Better Way for Boat Online Registration Every Time

Have you ever filled out an important documentation form, whether it was online or in person, and thought to yourself: “geez, I hope that went through?” Did you ever find yourself feeling triumphant after having completed a difficult piece of paperwork and sending it in, only to be left with lingering doubts that something was…

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watercraft registration

Safe Harbor for Watercraft Registration Documents of All Kinds

The more time you spend online, the less you’ll be able to spend on your vessel. That’s a crude assessment, but it’s more or less true. It can certainly feel that way when you’re filling out watercraft registration documentation forms. When you sit down to deal with those, you’re likely to feel like you’d rather…

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US Coast Guard boat requirements

Meeting US Coast Guard Boat Requirements All Over

No one wants to head out on the water worried that their vessel fails to comply with US Coast Guard boat requirements. These requirements, at times, can seem capricious, if not downright contradictory and confusing. Each moment spent worried about them or being in compliance with them is a moment not spent enjoying your boat…

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Coast Guard boat requirements

Beyond Coast Guard Boat Requirements: Safe Boating This Summer

No matter when and where you’re boating, safety is always what’s most important. Boating during the summer of 2020, however, presents new challenges. The pandemic has upended so much and boating is no exception. While the primary focus of our site is making sure that you have all of the documentation you need to be…

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Vessel Tracking by Vessel Name

Vessel Tracking by Vessel Name for Information

Do you see boat ownership as part of your future? You want more than just a small boat that you and a buddy can go out on the lake with. What you are looking for has all the bells and whistles, creature comforts, and looks majestic on the water. Of course, a boat like this…

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Documentation Center

What Does the Documentation Center Do?

It can be easy to get confused about what responsibilities fall under different government agencies and departments. Sometimes it can seem like there is more red tape than is necessary, and departments exist without anyone knowing what they actually do each day. As a boat owner, you are probably aware that the United States Coast…

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