Coast Guard boat names

The Dos and Don’ts of Coast Guard Boat Names for Your Vessel

What’s in a name? For some, the name of their boat is something they’ve thought of for years. In idle daydreams or going through several drafts, many potential vessel owners have had their perfect vessel name picked out for years, possibly going back to childhood. For others, it’s the last thing they think about, something…

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Abstract of Title

An Abstract of Title: The Complete History of a Vessel

Have you been researching a vessel that you’re interested in, yet you don’t feel like you can trust any of the information sources you’ve come across? Does it seem like there’s no way to find out exactly what the real history of a vessel is? When considering buying a vessel, you need to know absolutely…

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oast Guard boat requirement

Coast Guard Boat Requirements for the Different Endorsements

Are you in the process of completing your initial vessel documentation and aren’t sure which endorsement to put? Does it seem a bit more confusing than it should be, even though you know exactly how you plan on using your vessel? Picking the right endorsement for your vessel is crucial to maintaining compliance with Coast…

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renew boat registration

Renew Boat Registration Simply, Easily, and for a Long, Long Time

Did you renew boat registration for your vessel this year? Does it seem like it’s been a while since you did so? So many vessel owners all over the U.S. aren’t exactly sure when their vessel registration should be renewed. While it does have to be done annually, it’s exactly the kind of task that…

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vessel documentation

Vessel Documentation & Boat Safety in November

As of this writing, it is November. That means all across North America, the waterways are gorgeous. The leaves have just about all fallen off, leaving the bare, sparse, and beautiful trees. Snow may have begun to fall, and winter is soon to swell. Many families and friends take this time to go out on…

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USCG vessel registry

Changing Your Vessel on the USCG Vessel Registry When Life Changes

Has your life changed significantly since you first registered your vessel? Did you move into a new phase of your life and are unsure how it relates to your spot on the USCG vessel registry? When we’re at the helm of our boats, the water can change at a moment’s notice. One minute, calm seas…

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certificate of deletion of vessel

What is a Certificate of Deletion of Vessel and When Will You Need it?

Our team at the Maritime Documentation Center receives a lot of questions about all the complicated vessel documentation processes, from the registration process to transfers of ownership. One of the most common queries on our site is about the option for a certificate of deletion of vessel. What is this about? When do people need…

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maritime documents

Do You Have to Register, Renew, or Reinstate Your Maritime Documents?

Taking care of your boat registration and other maritime documents can be overwhelming when you are not super informed about the actual processes involved. If you are looking to register a boat, there are three different circumstances that you will need to consider. If you got a new vessel, you will need to register it….

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US boat registry

US Boat Registry is Easier to Join Than it Seems

If you’re a new vessel owner, then you are probably just learning about the US boat registry. This will be very important for you to be aware of since it’s very likely that you will need to register your vessel in it and obtain a certificate of documentation. It’s understandable that you might have questions…

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