USCG renewal,

More Than USCG Renewal: Forms You May Need & When You’ll Need Them

Have you gone to our site for your USCG renewal, seen all of the other forms that we offer, and thought: “I’m not sure when or if I might need those?” Do you feel like your vessel needs some other forms of documentation but you aren’t sure what those might be? We designed the Maritime…

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what is USCG

What is USCG and Other Pertinent Questions

Have you been researching online what you need for your vessel and found all these comments about the “USCG” but aren’t sure what is USCG? Do you feel like each of the rules for how vessels get documented are a bit hard to follow? Much of what we do at the Maritime Documentation Center is…

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Coast Guard boat registration database

Coast Guard Boat Registration Database

Have grown concerned that certain life changes have made it so that you won’t be able to stay on the Coast Guard boat registration database? Does it seem like the rules are arbitrary about what does and does not have to be given to the powers that be? Here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we…

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USCG vessels,

Ways USCG Vessels (and All Others) Can Stay Safe this Spring

Are you finally ready to take your vessel out on the water this spring, but want to make sure that everything is safe? Has the weather gotten warm enough to the point where it’s time to get your vessel out of storage? There is nothing, nothing like taking your boat out after it’s been locked…

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boat registry

Using a Boat Without Being on the Boat Registry: the MARAD Waiver

Do you have a small vessel that you need to use to carry people right now, but it wasn’t made in America? Does it feel like you don’t have any legal options to use this vessel in the manner that you want? When it comes to what is and isn’t allowed on the boat registry,…

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Coast Guard portal

A Coast Guard Portal that Opens Up a New World of Freedom

Do you feel obligated to complete your vessel documentation, yet, when the time comes to do so, find that you would rather do just about anything else? Does it seem like whenever you sit down to complete these forms, you just keep putting it off and putting it off until you just give up entirely?…

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Abstract of Title

Tangible, Concrete Benefits of an Abstract of Title

As you go about researching a vessel, does it feel like you can’t trust the information you’ve found about it? Have you been talking to someone about buying their vessel, yet everything they tell you seems “too good to be true?” When it comes to purchasing a vessel, you can’t be too careful. You want…

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documentation center

A Documentation Center Where You Can Find and Keep the Right Endorsement

Do you know what you want to use your vessel for, but aren’t sure how to keep in compliance with Coast Guard documentation? When you get to the part of the “initial” form that mentions “endorsement,” does it all seem a bit confusing? That’s perfectly understandable. As vessel owners ourselves, we wanted to make the…

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Coast Guard boat registration

How to Get Coast Guard Boat Registration and Hang Onto It

Do you think you need to get Coast Guard boat registration but aren’t sure? Have you thought about getting your boat registered yet don’t know if it’s absolutely necessary? Vessel owners like yourself have wondered about that exact thing for centuries. In fact, in America, vessel documentation goes back to the very first Congress. There…

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