Coast Guard Vessel Documentation

A Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Team on Your Side

Are you tired of filling out Coast Guard vessel documentation on your own? Does it seem like this is something that you have to do without anyone being able to help you? We hear you loud and clear. The truth is that, for many, completing boat documentation is a lonely process. You have to figure…

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Documenting a Vessel

Why Documenting a Vessel May Be the Right Decision

Have you been going back and forth on whether or not you should document your vessel? Did you look into documenting a vessel but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Over the years, we’ve helped so many vessel owners to determine whether or not it was the right move. Beyond that, we’ve also assisted…

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An NVDC That Solves Potential Vessel Documentation Problems

Have you encountered some kind of issue with your vessel documentation and aren’t sure what to do? Do you feel like you’re in danger of making a mistake with your boat’s documentation and aren’t sure where to turn? That’s what our NVDC can do. Here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we offer vessel documentation solutions…

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USCG Portal

A USCG Portal Designed for the Modern Vessel Owner

Does it feel like every USCG portal that’s “easy to use” is actually anything but? Have you felt like these online documentation sites were designed for someone other than vessel owners? That’s how we felt. That’s one of the many reasons that we started the Maritime Documentation Center. We wanted there to be a vessel…

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Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center

Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center: Stay Safe in Summer

Did you spend all winter cooped up, waiting for the moment when you could take your boat back out on the water? Has it just been too long since you took your vessel on the rolling waves and under the warm sun? Summer is finally here in North America, and it’s time to get back…

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Boat Registration Renewal

Boat Registration Renewal to Stay Afloat on Your Terms

Do you worry about missing your boat registration renewal deadline? Does it seem the renewal process is far more complicated than it should be? We agree. That’s one of the major reasons that we started the Maritime Documentation Center in the first place. Our aim is to make every part of the vessel documentation process…

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Abstract of Title

USCG Vessel Documentation Number Search and More: the Abstract of Title

Do you have your eye on purchasing a certain vessel, but just aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Does everything look good “on paper” when it comes to the vessel, yet you still want to know more before you close the deal? When it comes to your money and a potential vessel purchase, being…

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Coast Guard Boat Registration Database

Coast Guard Boat Registration Database: Getting On and Staying There

Does it feel like getting onto the Coast Guard boat registration database is more difficult than it should be? Have you gone online to try and register your vessel yet, after you had done so, found that it was just too much trouble? If your vessel is a certain size and you’re going to use…

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Coast Guard Documentation Center

Coast Guard Documentation Center: A “Small” Vessel Waiver with “Big” Upside

Do you have a vessel that isn’t documented that you want to use on American waters? Did you recently come into possession of a foreign-built vessel and you want to see what you can use it for legally? Some folks think that if they have such a vessel, there isn’t much that they can do…

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Documentation Center

How Our Documentation Center Can Help You in Specific Scenarios

Has something in your life changed and you aren’t sure how it pertains to your vessel documentation? Or, alternatively, has something with your vessel changed, and you know you have to update your documentation but you aren’t sure how to do it? We know how frustrating that feeling can be. That’s just one of the…

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