Coast Guard Boat Registration

Turning With the Tide: Coast Guard Boat Registration Changes as Life Changes

Have you recently gone through some life changes that you feel may necessitate updating your vessel registration? Does it feel like whenever you have to update or renew your Coast Guard boat registration, it’s more difficult than it should be? The truth is that many vessel owners, often have to renew their vessel registration throughout…

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Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center

Our Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center Urges Safe Boating

Are you heading out on the water with family and friends to celebrate summer? Do you plan on having great parties out on the water? June, July, and August – those are the months that vessel owners look forward to all year long in North America. Warm summer sun, cool water, a gentle breeze –…

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USCG Boat Names

Best Practices and Ideas for USCG Boat Names

Do you know what you want the name of your vessel to be, but you aren’t sure if it’s the right one? Are you unsure what to name your vessel and want to know the rules? The name of your vessel may not seem like the biggest deal in the world, but it’s actually quite…

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Coast Guard Renewal Documentation

Coast Guard Renewal Documentation to Stay Afloat

Do you feel like your vessel’s documentation needs to be renewed soon, but you aren’t sure how to do so? Does it feel like when you sit down to complete vessel documentation forms that it’s all much harder than it should be? Documentation renewal is one of the most common reasons that folks use our…

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Coast Guard Vessels

Finding Documented the Truth of Coast Guard Vessels Here and Abroad

Have you been looking to learn more about a vessel that you’re interested in? Does a vessel you’re researching for a potential purchase almost seem “too good to be true?” When you’re buying a vessel, you want the absolute best vessel for your situation possible. But, you also have to be careful. You want to…

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Vessel Documentation Center

A Vessel Documentation Center that’s Centered on Vessel Owners

Does it seem more difficult to complete all of your vessel documentation forms than it should be? Have you scheduled time to fill out the forms you need to complete, only to find that you keep procrastinating and putting it off? We don’t believe that completing vessel documentation should be difficult, or the kind of…

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USCG Documentation

What is USCG Documentation and Why Does it Matter?

Do you ever find yourself thinking: “just what is USCG documentation anyway? Where did this come from and why would I need it?” These are natural questions to ask. USCG documentation isn’t something new, it actually comes from the very First Congress of the United States. As the national form of vessel documentation, it has…

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Abstract of Title

Coast Guard Documentation Lookup Before you Buy: the Abstract of Title

Have you been researching a vessel before you purchase it but just aren’t sure what information you can trust? Does it seem like all of the information you find online about one vessel or another just doesn’t seem accurate? These are common, understandable problems that vessel owners have often. No one wants to buy something…

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Boat Registry

A Boat Registry Website that Simplifies the Registry for Boat Owners

Do you want to get on a boat registry without a lot of hassle? Have you tried filling out these vessel documentation forms online in the past only to find that it was far more difficult than you were told? We share your frustrations. Indeed, those are some of the most significant reasons that we…

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Coast Guard Documentation Number

Acquiring a Coast Guard Documentation Number Simply and Easily

Are you in the process of figuring out whether or not you want to get a Coast Guard documentation number? Have you looked into it and are still on the fence? The truth is that documenting a vessel isn’t an option for every vessel. Indeed, some don’t qualify. By that same token, there are those…

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