MARAD Small Vessel Waiver Program

Who Can Apply to the MARAD Small Vessel Waiver Program and How?

The MARAD waiver is a Maritime Administration mechanism meant for foreign-built vessels. After all, the Jones Act requires that the vessels operating in coastwise commerce be built domestically whenever possible. The MARAD small vessel waiver program recognizes that foreign-built vessels can also contribute to American commerce, which is why it grants waivers to certain vessels…

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NVDC Satisfaction of Mortgage

Quickly Apply for an NVDC Satisfaction of Mortgage for Your Vessel

We all know how satisfying it is to fulfill your mortgage if you’re a property owner. However, this does come with a lot of paperwork in order to properly rectify the new state of their ownership. For example, if you are placing a mortgage on a vessel, you will need to apply for an NVDC…

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Certificate of Documentation

Getting Your Coast Guard Certificate of Documentation in Order

Every boat owner knows how important it is to have the corresponding registration in order whenever you are operating commercially. In fact, it’s imperative that you have your certificate of documentation in order at all times. Now, what happens if you don’t have it? What happens if something happens to it? What happens if you…

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Avoid the NVDC Delays with Maritime Documentation Center

The NVDC requires all vessel owners, whether they’re commercial or recreational, to obtain vessel documentation and keep it up-to-date. The entity hasn’t had any trouble processing commercial vessel documents in time. However, since late last year, the entity had experienced an unprecedented backlog with recreational vessels documentation.   This makes sense if we think that…

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USCG Abstract of Title

Never Question Information About a Vessel with a USCG Abstract of Title

So, picture this. You are selling your vessel to someone and they request to know more about its registration history and financial standing. Alternatively, you are the one purchasing a used vessel and would like to be sure it doesn’t have any claims, liens, or debts attached to it. Don’t you wish there was a…

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How to Register a Boat

How to Register a Boat, Explained

If you’ve never had to do it before, figuring out how to register a boat can quickly become a lot to deal with. It is, at the end of the day, a bureaucratic process that can take up too much of your time if you don’t know how to approach it or where to start. …

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Vessel Bill of Sale

How Do You Write a Vessel Bill of Sale?

If you’re selling a boat, the vessel bill of sale is the most important document you need. The sales process itself is not difficult, but there are several details you need to be very specific about. Keep in mind that this is an official exchange and having the document properly filled in can protect you…

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Abstract of Title

Abstract of Title for Boats: A 2021 Overview

The abstract of title is a record of all the documents that were submitted to the USCG for a specific vessel. It serves as a complete synopsis of all historical events related to ownership, mortgage, and lien recordings. What does a boat abstract of a title contain? What benefits does it offer to vessel owners?…

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Hailing Port

Update the Hailing Port of Your Vessel with a Simple Form

The home dock for your vessel is officially known as its hailing port. This, like many different components of your boating registration, will have to be updated should things change. Let’s look into why that is and how it can be changed. The Vessel Hailing Port The vessel hailing port is, pretty self explanatorily, the…

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Coast Guard Boat Registration

Initial, Renewal, and Reinstatement of Coast Guard Boat Registration

Dealing with Coast Guard boat registration can quickly get fairly stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the proper guidance throughout. Let’s go over what the different processes related to registration can consist of. Ins and Outs of Boat Registration Now, you probably hear the words “boat registration” and you’re already rolling…

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