USCG Documentation

Who and What Owners Qualify for USCG Documentation

US Coast Guard documentation (aka USCG documentation) has many benefits. It records your ownership with the government, provides you certain protections in foreign waters, can help with financing, and much more. It’s also a vital step for commercial vessels.  Once successfully filed, the National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC) provides a Certificate of Documentation. This gives…

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United States Coast Guard Documentation

United States Coast Guard Documentation Center Winter Season Tips

The US Coast Guard takes its duty to protect Americans very seriously. Here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we talk often about the international protection provided by United States Coast Guard documentation. However, we also are inspired to share the Coast Guard’s tips for safe boating. One service administered by the Coast Guard is the…

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boat documentation

Pros and Cons of Boat Documentation

Many commercial vessels are required to have US Coast Guard boat documentation. Typically, these are vessels measuring over 5 tons that deal in commerce or trade on the US coasts, the Great Lakes, US Fisheries, or other American or Exclusive Economic Zone navigable waters. However, plenty of other commercial, recreational, and pleasure vessels qualify but…

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Coast Guard Documentation

What You Need to Know About Coast Guard Documentation Endorsements

Commercial vessels and recreational boats that plan to engage in commercial activities are required to obtain Coast Guard documentation. It’s optional (though often beneficial) for non-commercial recreational vessels to also seek USCG documentation. This legal documentation keeps track of certain important information about maritime vessels, including ownership and financial history.  Another facet of a vessel’s…

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