Abstract of Title

Why Is The Abstract Of Title So Important For Boat Buyers?

Purchasing a big recreational boat with an abstract of title, such as a yacht, is a significant life decision. While you own the boat, you’ll be spending a lot of money on both selling it and keeping it maintained and cared for.  For you, purchasing a yacht or other large vessel is a significant undertaking….

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Coast Guard Documentation

What Is Coast Guard Documentation?

Coast guard documentation is a kind of national registration recognized around the world. As a function of government, it has been in existence since the 11th Act of the First Congress. When it comes to international trade, documentation gives irrefutable confirmation of nationality, allows for free commerce between countries, and allows boats to participate in…

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Vessel Abstracts Of Title

Vessel Abstracts Of Title: 3 Common Questions (And Their Answers)

Documentation from the United States Coast Guard about vessel Abstracts of title is peculiar to the maritime sector in terms of both their form and purpose. Only in these papers can you get a complete history of the events on mortgage, ownership, and lien records. There are several advantages to documenting any suitable vessel, including…

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Documenting Your Boat

The Pros and Cons of Vessel Documentation

Is it worth documenting your boat? The answer to this is yes. As proof of nationality and ownership, the US Coast Guard’s vessel paperwork is accepted worldwide. Consequently, all vessels registered as Vessels of the United States are afforded the same protections as those that are not. An American citizen must own the boat for…

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Coast Guard Documentation Renewal

The Coast Guard Documentation Renewal Changes to 5 Years

Initially, you must ensure that your coast guard document renewal is completed annually to keep it valid. Those who haven’t yet had to renew their registration may discover that working with the Coast Guard is not as straightforward as they would have hoped. To locate and complete the application for renewal on the Coast Guard’s…

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USCG Vessel Documentation

How to Renew USCG Vessel Documentation In Advance

Do you have any questions about how to renew USCG vessel documentation? Getting your Coast Guard paperwork renewed is now a lot less complicated. The form may be completed electronically and sent to us by visiting our website, the Maritime Documentation Center, and following the instructions. The National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC) of the United…

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How do you document your boat

How Do You Document A Boat With The USCG And Your State Region?

How do you document your boat? This is a question that the Maritime Documentation Center has asked a lot. They will provide you with a certificate of vessel paperwork from the U.S. Coast Guard. This is a federally recognized event. The United States Coast Guard may approach you and ask for your vessel paperwork if…

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Boat Documentation Cost

Find Every Boat Documentation Cost in Our Online Forms

If you’re wondering how to find every boat documentation cost in our online forms, you’re in the right place. Here at the Maritime Documentation Center’s office, we understand that finding the most accurate information and services related to your marine needs is challenging. To make your experience even simpler, we offer several ways so that…

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Renew Boat Registration

Avoid Overpays When You Renew Your Boat Registration

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) devised a system for renewing mariner credentials and verifying paperwork to avoid fraud while you renew boat registration documentation. Because of prior accidents, the government has the option of revoking your driver’s license. You want to be sure that you aren’t a victim of fraud when it comes to…

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MARAD Waiver

The Role of the MARAD Waiver in Placing Foreign Ships in the US

The Maritime Administration grants ships manufactured in other countries a specific concession known as the MARAD waiver. Occasionally, these ships can transport goods from one port to the next. According to epa.gov, only certain types of boats are eligible for this waiver, and only under certain circumstances.  As part of the Maritime Administration’s efforts to…

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