Coast Guard Registration

An In-Depth Understanding of the Importance of Coast Guard Registration

The significance of Coast Guard registration cannot be overstated for someone who owns a USCG vessel. You may assist increase marine safety by registering your boat with the Coast Guard and giving them access to essential information about your vessel. Did you know that the USCG requires all boats to display their Documentation Number prominently?…

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Certificate of Deletion

How and Where to Submit a Certificate of Deletion for your Vessel?

If you are the owner of a vessel that has been removed from the database of registered vessels maintained by the United States Coast Guard (USCG), then you will be required to provide the USCG with a Certificate of Deletion. This certificate serves as proof that all official documents about your vessel have been completely…

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U.S. Coast Guard

Reasons It’s Necessary to Register Your Boat with the Us Coast Guard

It is mandatory for individuals who own boats in the United States to register their boats with the U.S. Coast Guard. Most boat owners must comply with this registration procedure; however, there are a few exemptions. Registering your boat with the Coast Guard is required for legal and safety reasons for several different reasons. Every…

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Vessel Documentation Search

Vessel Documentation Search, What Are Your Needs?

Are you wondering where you can easily do your vessel documentation search? If so, the Maritime Documentation Center is the ideal place for you. As the vessel owner documented with the United States Coast Guard, you know how critical it is to have your documentation in order. Several pieces of paperwork need to be submitted…

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