obtain USCG Documentation Forms

What Is The Easiest Way To Obtain USCG Documentation Forms?

USCG Documentation Forms If you are using your boat for recreational purposes only, you do not need to register it federally. The United Coast Guard does not mandate owners of a recreational boat to document their vessel. But they do encourage it. Why? USCG documentation offers plenty of benefits, especially if you like to travel…

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the uscg documentation number

What Is The USCG Documentation Number?

The USCG documentation number is the official number (ON) of a documented vessel. It stays with the boat for its lifetime. In some states, they allow state registration and federal documentation. Other states, however, do not let vessels to be identified as both a state registered and federally documented. However, if you live in a state…

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Service To Renew USCG Documentation

Use A Marine Documentation Service To Renew USCG Documentation

A USCG documentation is a requirement for vessels that engaged in certain trades. It can also serve as a proof of ship nationality. Plus, it enables the ship to be subject to Preferred Mortgages. However, the USCG does not provide certification to any ship. It requires the boat to be at least five net tons to…

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a Documented Vessel Search

The Process of Performing a Documented Vessel Search On Your Ship

How to Perform a Documented Vessel Search Purchasing a pleasure boat or commercial boat is a big investment for you, and you want to give careful consideration regarding any boat you may like before you move ahead and finalize your deal. Without the proper investigation on your part, you could end up buying a boat…

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the Coast Guard Documentation Search

Information Available Through The Coast Guard Documentation Search

What You Can Discover from the Coast Guard Documentation Search You have several friends or family members that own recreational boats or yachts, and you have always enjoyed going out with them when they are out in the water. The times you have spent traveling have made you want to buy a boat for yourself,…

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