vessel documentation reinstatement

Vessel Documentation Reinstatement Vs. Vessel Doc Renewal

If you’ve owned a boat before, you’re familiar with re-registering your watercraft. However, have you investigated the possibility of vessel documentation reinstatement? Many operators must make this choice every year, and making a final selection might be tough. Boat and yacht owners who are getting ready for the summer season may want to consider reactivating…

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Bill Of Sale

What Is Bill Of Sale For Vessels?

A bill of sale is probably familiar if you’ve ever purchased or sold a boat or watercraft. It’s a legal document used to transfer ownership of a boat, whether it’s a motorized or non-powered vessel. Taking a boat off the state’s registry is impossible without evidence of ownership. In order to register a vessel, both…

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USCG Documentation Renewal

USCG Documentation Renewal Faster and Easier Than Ever

USCG documentation renewal may be a tedious, time-consuming, and expensive procedure that involves a lot of downtime. A well-known adage goes like this: “Things change, but they remain the same.” When it comes to renewing their United States Coast Guard (USCG) documents, this phrase nicely explains why many individuals still prefer to go to their…

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Transfer Exchange Of USCG Documentation

Transfer Exchange Of USCG Documentation: Why Do You Need It?

Hopefully, this field guide has provided you with a better understanding of the Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation. Your yacht should be knowledgeable about the transfer procedure, regardless of whether you are transferring ownership to the new owner or the boat has already been sold. Legally, the transfer of documents is not required in most…

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USCG Abstract of Title

Request USCG Abstract of Title through Our Website

While most yacht owners are aware of USCG Certificates of Documentation, only a minority are aware of where they may get a copy of the real USCG Abstract of Title. There are various reasons why having a valid title on your boat is important. If you own a USCG vessel, you must regularly maintain your…

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Boat Documentation vs Registration

Boat Documentation vs. Registration: Learn the Difference

The difference between boat documentation vs. registration might be confusing for many people. If you don’t pay attention to the distinction between the two kinds of categorization, you might make a mistake. Owners of pleasure boats (or boats) face penalties if they don’t meet their responsibilities. In the same way that a vehicle or a…

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Boat Documentation Cost

Find the Latest Updates in Boat Documentation Cost

Are you the owner of a vessel? If so, have you been keeping up with the ever-changing documentation laws and regulations? Recently, there have been some significant updates concerning the boat documentation cost. At the Maritime Documentation Center, we want to make sure that you know these changes and what they could mean for you….

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MARAD Waiver

MARAD Waiver Can Help You With Foreign Ships in America

Did you recently come into possession of a foreign-built vessel and you aren’t sure how you can use it? Do you have designs on using your vessel to make a few bucks but want to be certain you comply with the powers that be? This exact kind of situation is more common than you may…

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Abstract Of Title

The Importance of the Abstract Of Title When You Buy a Boat

The vessel abstract of title is sometimes dismissed as insignificant, yet it is a highly essential document. The abstract of title for a vessel establishes the vessel’s ownership and may be used as evidence in the event of a dispute. If you’re contemplating purchasing or selling a boat, be sure to get a copy of…

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