Preferred Ship Mortgage

Preferred Ship Mortgage: What You Need to Know

The Preferred Ship Mortgage provides a lender or financier of a vessel competitive status among competing claims that might arise against a vessel. The U.S. Coast Guard acts principally as a recording agency in regard to mortgages and related instruments. It’s important to learn about it if you happen to finance someone’s ship after he/she…

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Can a Bill of Sale for a Boat Be Handwritten And Other Boating Selling Qs

Can a Bill of Sale for a Boat Be Handwritten? And Other Boating Selling Qs

“I can’t find a ‘bill of sale for a boat’ form online, can I just write it up by hand?” “Can I really use that bill to sell my documented vessel?” Selling your vessel can be an exciting time. You’ve found someone who’s willing to buy your vessel at your price. But, before you complete…

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Boat Abstract of Title

Boat Abstract of Title 2021 Update: What You Need to Know

Has it been a while since you purchased a new vessel? Have you been trying to do research into one vessel or another but want to make sure that you’re getting information that you know is correct? If so, then you’re going to need a boat Abstract of Title. This form can be invaluable, giving…

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US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation

Getting the US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation that Matches Your Vessel

Does it seem like you need US Coast Guard vessel documentation but you aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Are you concerned about doing something that you don’t have to do? Not every vessel owner must get their vessel documented. Yes, there are circumstances within which a vessel owner must document their vessel. That…

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Boat Documentation

Boat Documentation You May Need: Notice of Claim of Lien

Have you been debating whether or not to file a notice of claim of lien against someone and their vessel? Did you do some work for someone in regards to their vessel and they didn’t pay you back like they said they would? When that happens, it can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, you don’t have…

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Abstract of Title

Why You Should Get an Abstract of Title Before You Buy a Vessel

Have you been checking a vessel out but aren’t sure if it’s the right one for you? Does your research tell you that everything is on the “up and up” when it comes to this vessel, but you want to be certain? That makes all the sense in the world. A vessel is an investment,…

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US Coast Guard Documentation

US Coast Guard Documentation for Small Vessels Sans Documentation: MARAD

Do you have a vessel that you aren’t sure what to do with? Is there a vessel in your possession that you think may be foreign-built but you still want to see how you can use it in a commercial capacity legally? If you’ve looked at our FAQ and some of our other blogs, then…

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MARAD Small Vessel Waiver Program

Who Can Apply to the MARAD Small Vessel Waiver Program and How?

The MARAD waiver is a Maritime Administration mechanism meant for foreign-built vessels. After all, the Jones Act requires that the vessels operating in coastwise commerce be built domestically whenever possible. The MARAD small vessel waiver program recognizes that foreign-built vessels can also contribute to American commerce, which is why it grants waivers to certain vessels…

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Avoid the NVDC Delays with Maritime Documentation Center

The NVDC requires all vessel owners, whether they’re commercial or recreational, to obtain vessel documentation and keep it up-to-date. The entity hasn’t had any trouble processing commercial vessel documents in time. However, since late last year, the entity had experienced an unprecedented backlog with recreational vessels documentation.   This makes sense if we think that…

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