documentation center

A Documentation Center Where You Can Find and Keep the Right Endorsement

Do you know what you want to use your vessel for, but aren’t sure how to keep in compliance with Coast Guard documentation? When you get to the part of the “initial” form that mentions “endorsement,” does it all seem a bit confusing? That’s perfectly understandable. As vessel owners ourselves, we wanted to make the…

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Coast Guard vessel documentation

Keeping Coast Guard Vessel Documentation As Your Life Changes

Have you undergone a significant life change and aren’t sure how it relates to your Coast Guard vessel documentation? Do you think you need to make some alterations, but aren’t sure which ones or how to go about it? We’ve helped vessel owners with that since the very beginning. The truth is that, as much…

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National Vessel Documentation Center

Our National Vessel Documentation Center: Simplicity and Security

Have you been searching online for a National Vessel Documentation Center that actually makes the documentation process easier, yet you haven’t found anything that you like? Does it seem like each site that says they’ll “simplify the process” actually ends up making it more complicated and complex? As vessel owners ourselves, that’s what we found…

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US Coast Guard vessel documentation

US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation on Boat Safety this Valentine’s Day

Are you planning on taking your beloved out on the water this Valentine’s Day? Maybe there’s an unseasonably warm and pleasant day in your neck of the woods, and you want to get out on your vessel while it lasts? If you have a boat, you want to be out on it. That’s true whether…

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boat documentation search

What Our Boat Documentation Search for Websites Taught us

Have you been on the hunt for a vessel documentation site that does everything you want it to? Did you type the words “boat documentation search” into your browser only to not be able to find anything you like? We have, quite literally, been there. Before we created the Maritime Documentation Center, we looked at…

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Coast Guard Boat Registration Database

Ways to Stay in Compliance on the Coast Guard Boat Registration Database

Have you owned your vessel for a while and aren’t sure how to keep your vessel registered? Did you recently go through some significant life changes and want to be certain that your vessel documentation is up to date? When you get your vessel registered, it really is an accomplishment. However, it doesn’t stay there…

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US Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center

US Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center and Safety

Sure, the weather is cold outside. In fact, for the most part in America, the weather is downright frigid. However, that doesn’t have to stop you from taking your vessel out with family and friends. The truth is that a winter boat ride can be just what you need to break out of a seasonal…

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US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation

US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Q&A

I Have a Commercial Vessel. Can I Use It How I Want?  Possibly. It depends on many different factors. Those factors include the commercial activities that you would use the vessel in, whether it was built in the United States or not, the net tonnage of the vessel, and other factors.  What’s the Definition of…

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Coast Guard vessel search

The First (and Second) Steps in Your Coast Guard Vessel Search

Do you want to start a Coast Guard vessel search to find the perfect boat for your needs, but just aren’t sure where to begin? When you begin to formulate a plan to research vessels, does it seem like there are too many options (few of which you can trust?) That’s perfectly understandable. Buying a…

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What is USCG Documentation

What is USCG Documentation? And Other Questions Answered

“So what is USCG documentation? Do I really need it for my vessel?” Of all the questions we’re asked by prospective customers at the Maritime Documentation Center, some version of those might be the most common that we’re asked. For one, it’s important to define what this documentation is not. It’s not registration for your…

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