USCG Abstract of Title

Never Question Information About a Vessel with a USCG Abstract of Title

So, picture this. You are selling your vessel to someone and they request to know more about its registration history and financial standing. Alternatively, you are the one purchasing a used vessel and would like to be sure it doesn’t have any claims, liens, or debts attached to it. Don’t you wish there was a…

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How to Register a Boat

How to Register a Boat, Explained

If you’ve never had to do it before, figuring out how to register a boat can quickly become a lot to deal with. It is, at the end of the day, a bureaucratic process that can take up too much of your time if you don’t know how to approach it or where to start. …

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Hailing Port

Update the Hailing Port of Your Vessel with a Simple Form

The home dock for your vessel is officially known as its hailing port. This, like many different components of your boating registration, will have to be updated should things change. Let’s look into why that is and how it can be changed. The Vessel Hailing Port The vessel hailing port is, pretty self explanatorily, the…

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USCG Documentation

A Basic Guide to USCG Documentation Standards and Requirements

The USCG documentation standards and regulations for boats serve many purposes. One of them is to successfully prove the vessel’s nationality at the moment of navigating international waters. So if you sail on foreign waters, your certificate of documentation provides you the status and protection of a U.S. flag vessel. If you own a ship…

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US Coast Guard Registry

Consult the US Coast Guard Registry Via Lookups and Abstracts

If you own a vessel, you are probably aware of the US Coast Guard registry, which is the database where the titular agency stores all the relevant information about the registered vessels. This is not a classified archive, though, since it can be easily accessed and consulted with the right information. This is a public…

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Coast Guard Registration

A Form of Coast Guard Registration for Some Foreign-Built Vessels: MARAD

Did you recently come into possession of a foreign-built vessel and aren’t sure what you can and can’t do with it? Does it seem like you’re very limited in terms of how you can use it to make a profit? Coast Guard registration (vessel registration), in America, dates back to the 11th act of the…

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Coast Guard Boat Registration

Turning With the Tide: Coast Guard Boat Registration Changes as Life Changes

Have you recently gone through some life changes that you feel may necessitate updating your vessel registration? Does it feel like whenever you have to update or renew your Coast Guard boat registration, it’s more difficult than it should be? The truth is that many vessel owners, often have to renew their vessel registration throughout…

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USCG Boat Names

Best Practices and Ideas for USCG Boat Names

Do you know what you want the name of your vessel to be, but you aren’t sure if it’s the right one? Are you unsure what to name your vessel and want to know the rules? The name of your vessel may not seem like the biggest deal in the world, but it’s actually quite…

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Coast Guard Renewal Documentation

Coast Guard Renewal Documentation to Stay Afloat

Do you feel like your vessel’s documentation needs to be renewed soon, but you aren’t sure how to do so? Does it feel like when you sit down to complete vessel documentation forms that it’s all much harder than it should be? Documentation renewal is one of the most common reasons that folks use our…

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Abstract of Title

Coast Guard Documentation Lookup Before you Buy: the Abstract of Title

Have you been researching a vessel before you purchase it but just aren’t sure what information you can trust? Does it seem like all of the information you find online about one vessel or another just doesn’t seem accurate? These are common, understandable problems that vessel owners have often. No one wants to buy something…

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