What Does Coast Guard Documented Vessel Mean

What Does Coast Guard Documented Vessel Mean in 2022?

As a vessel owner in the United States Coast Guard, you may be wondering, “what does coast guard documented vessel mean in 2022?”. When you have Coast Guard papers, you may prove to the public that your boat has been registered with the United States Coast Guard and meets specific requirements. Vessels with this certification…

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What Is A USCG Documented Vessel

What is a USCG Documented Vessel? Find the Answer Here!

“What is a USCG-documented vessel?” is a question that we always get here at the Maritime Documentation Center. A boat that has been registered with the United States Coast Guard is referred to as a USCG documented vessel. According to state.gov, a Certificate of Documentation will be issued to a vessel when the owner files…

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MARAD Waiver

What Is the MARAD Waiver, and How Can You Qualify for It

The MARAD Waiver program of the Maritime Administration is a critical tool for American shipowners and operators, allowing them the operational flexibility and assistance they need to make necessary adjustments to their operations. It is important for shippers who are worried about the effect of this waiver program on the piers they use to keep…

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What are the Coast Guard Requirements to Own a Documented Vessel

What are the Coast Guard Requirements to Own a Documented Vessel?

Are you considering purchasing a vessel but aren’t sure if you’re able to do so? Does it seem like getting a documented vessel is the right course of action yet you want to be certain you meet all of the corresponding Coast Guard requirements? Knowing everything you can before purchasing a vessel is almost invariably…

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Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center

Our Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center Urges Safe Boating

Are you heading out on the water with family and friends to celebrate summer? Do you plan on having great parties out on the water? June, July, and August – those are the months that vessel owners look forward to all year long in North America. Warm summer sun, cool water, a gentle breeze –…

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USCG Vessels

USCG Vessels and Boat Safety: Don’t Leave Port Without Both

Are you going out with family and friends on your boat for Memorial Day weekend? Now that summer is just about here, are you ready to enjoy the sun on the water? Sure, there’s always a good reason to take your boat out, even in the middle of the frigid winter. But, summer’s different. This…

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Coast Guard Boat Requirements

Coast Guard Boat Requirements and Recommendations for Safety

Spring is finally here. After a seemingly endless winter, the weather is warm, the water is getting there, and the sun is bright. This is the perfect time to take your boat out on the water with family friends. If it isn’t the perfect time to do so where you are, then it’s the perfect…

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Coast Guard boat requirements

Coast Guard Boat Requirements for the MARAD Waiver

Do you want to use a vessel that wasn’t made in the United States to transport passengers and want to know how to do so in compliance with all pertinent rules and regulations? Do you feel confused about how the rules pertain to foreign-built vessels? This is perfectly understandable. The Coast Guard boat requirements for…

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oast Guard boat requirement

Coast Guard Boat Requirements for the Different Endorsements

Are you in the process of completing your initial vessel documentation and aren’t sure which endorsement to put? Does it seem a bit more confusing than it should be, even though you know exactly how you plan on using your vessel? Picking the right endorsement for your vessel is crucial to maintaining compliance with Coast…

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us coast guard vessel documentation

What is a Coast Guard Documentation Number?

The Coast Guard Documentation Number is the official number of a documented vessel. This number is to be prominently displayed on the vessel, signifying its documented status. This number stays with the vessel for the vessel’s lifetime. When someone sends in their form to get their Coast Guard documentation number, they receive a USCG Certificate of…

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