Change of Endorsement/Trade Indicator

Change of Endorsement/Trade Indicator

Suppose you are the owner of a vessel registered in the United States and wish to modify the endorsement or trade indication listed on your vessel’s paperwork. In that case, there are a few things that you will need to know before you can make those changes. We will give some instructions for completing a change of endorsement/trade indicator in the next blog post. When you wish to modify the information that is on your maritime papers, much as when you want to change your address, you need to submit a Form CG-3752 or CG-1258 with the Coast Guard.


Alteration of endorsement or trade indication is another name for this phenomenon. When filling out this form, there are different rules you should always keep in mind. Let’s talk about them right now!

The Name on the Form Must Match the Name on Your Mariner’s License

The name on your mariner’s license and the title on the form must be the same. Any documentation that comes from modifications to your license is subject to this general rule, including requests to remove the “not for employment” statement from your support in the registration number.

Please only fill out the area that asks for the names of people who have endorsed you if you report a change of endorsement/ trade indicator. In this part, you will list those who have supported you in the past and endorsed you. You can leave certain portions of this form blank while you are filling it out, as well as print a copy to fill out by hand and finish it manually.

It would help if you Listed All of the Vessels you are Working on as well as their Hoist Numbers.

One of the most crucial things to remember while filling out a change of endorsement/trade indication is to provide a list of all the boats you are working on, together with their hoist numbers, as detailed in the accompanying guidelines. This is to ensure that at no point will more than one person be working on any commercial boat.

As a bonus, this ensures that everyone involved in your vessels’ dry-dock stay is up-to-date on the status of your ships, which helps us keep our safety standards high. All the ships you’re now servicing, and their hoist numbers must be recorded. Assuming you will be working on more than one vessel at a time, you should have enough space for them and properly label them in case they get separated.

Your Current Rank Must Be Listed, and It Must Match the Rank Listed on Your Mariner’s License

Are you interested in modifying either your trading indication or your endorsement? Because the Coast Guard would not take anything like this lightly, you must be familiar with the procedure before you go to them to seek permission. Your present rank must be mentioned and coincide with the level printed on your mariner’s license.

If there is a difference between the two, you must go to an office to resolve the issue. If you believe this is a challenge for you, you should contact an office as soon as possible by phone or in person so that they can provide you with information on your choices. Your signature on this document verifies that all of the information has been truthfully presented.

The Expiration Date of Your Change of Endorsement/ Trade Indicator Must Be Listed

You must have all of the necessary documentation when you come to the office to complete a change of endorsement or trade indication. This will ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. The essential information is the date when your present endorsement will no longer be valid, and you must write it down on the corresponding line of this form.

If you have these details, the request you submit will be processed more quickly and easily. In addition, please bring us a copy of your current driver’s license, a medical certificate, and a logbook if you have one. If you need to add a rating to your license, we may ask for a charge at the time of processing; nevertheless, knowing about it in advance is beneficial so that you may be prepared for any extra expense incurred.

Maritime Documentation Center can assist you with completing a change of endorsement/trade indicator. When you are ready to meet a shift in endorsement/trade indicator, please contact the Maritime Documentation Center today by phone at (800)-535-8570.