Change of Address

USCG Change of Address Requirements

Did you know that there is specific USCG change of address requirements for vessel owners? The Coast Guard does a lot to keep Americans safe and secure at sea, but it can’t do much if it doesn’t know where to find you.  If you want to receive crucial communications from the USCG, such as those regarding registration renewal or a change of ownership, you must keep the USCG informed of your current mailing address.

Change of adress

As a precaution against someone else laying claim to your boat, you should also let them know if you plan to cease using it for a prolonged length of time. Do you plan on relocating to a new house? Make sure the U.S. Coast Guard has your current address (USCG). Prior to implementing this modification, please review the following prerequisites.

You Must Have a Valid Reason for Making the Change

This is the most important phase in the procedure, as well as the one that takes up the most time. It is not possible to process a boat change of address just because you feel like it or because you wish to be eligible to vote in the new town you have moved to. The fact that you have relocated to a new location permanently is the sole justification that may be given for a change of address.

This indicates that you plan to make the new location your permanent residence for a period of at least two years. You do not have a good cause to change your address if you are just going to school for two years or if you are only undertaking an internship for two years. Both of these situations are considered to be short-term commitments. In addition, if you are being transferred by the government for military duty, you have the option to alter your residence.

Your Name and Contact Information Must Be Up-To-Date In Accordance with the USCG Change of Address Requirements

It is needed that the United States Coast Guard, just like any other government agency, keep records on the addresses of its members that are accurate and comprehensive. This is done to ensure that they are able to communicate with their members in an effective manner in the event of an emergency, as well as to ensure that they are able to give members a variety of alerts and updates on procedures and policies.

If you don’t, it might be difficult to get crucial information on things like tax refunds, new voting districts, and even having products delivered to the correct location. This indicates that if you move to a different location within the same city or to a new city altogether, you should get in touch with the USCG office in your area as soon as you can to let them know about the change of vessel address.

You Must Submit a Completed Form CG-1208, Request for Change of Address or Name

The United States Coast Guard is the agency that is responsible for ensuring that our waterways and ports are safe and secure. Maintaining the National Driver Register is one of the organization’s primary responsibilities; this database collaborates with state departments of motor vehicles to keep track of people when they travel from one state to another. In order to bring the Maritime Documentation Center up to date with your current address, the Coast Guard asks that you complete and submit form CG-1208.

You may get a copy of this form, as well as a list of the states that are part of this program, by visiting their website and downloading either one. Because the procedures for changing your address are different in each state, you need to make sure that you check with the Maritime Documentation Center before you relocate in order to guarantee that everything goes well.

You Must Receive Approval from the USCG before Making the Change Official

When you notify the US Coast Guard of a change of address, you are submitting a request for your license and registration to be sent to your new location as well as correcting the information on those papers. If your request is accepted, your papers will be sent to your new address free of charge; however, if your address change is not processed within 10 days, you will be required to pay a fee to have your documents resent through express mail.

Another thing to keep in mind is that changing your address to one in a foreign nation entails more than simply notifying the US Coast Guard. You can’t simply up and leave the nation without informing the US Coast Guard beforehand, so you’ll need to apply for their authorization ahead of time. It’s possible they won’t let you leave the country, particularly if you’re going to a war zone or other risky area.

If you’re moving, you’ll need to tell the Coast Guard, which means that you should call the Maritime Documentation Center at (800)-535-8578. You will also need to update your address with the post office, banks, and credit card companies. It’s important to be sure you’re still in compliance with USCG change of address requirements so it is a good idea to check in with them before updating anything else.