Ship Documentation

Mandatory Ship Documentation You Need to Have When Boating

It is never too late to make sure everything is ready before setting sail. Yes, we know it, summer is already here. That is the reason why this might be your last chance to secure all of your ship documentation in place and avoid the possibility of having to pay a costly fine to the US Coast Guard. Read this article from the Maritime Documentation Centre and let us help you to leave all of your paperwork in place.

What Documents Do I Need to Carry With Me on the Boat?

To help you with all of your ship documentation, we have created this helpful list that enumerates and explains all of the requirements:

Boating Licence

It may seem obvious but we will state it anyway: if you are the person who is navigating the watercraft you need to carry your boating license with you at all times. It may vary depending on the state it was issued from, yet you will normally be given an identification card. If you travel “out of bounds” you most likely will be required to show an out-of-state certification.

Boat Documentation

The US Coast Guard requires you to either carry their federal documentation or the state registration for your boat. Bear in mind that the requisites for each registration vary from state to state.

Recreational Licences or Certificates

Once again, some states may require you a special permit if you incur in activities like fishing or recreational watersports, to name a few. It will also depend on the type of boat you have got.

Boat Insurance

Only some states force you to get boat insurance. Most likely, the requirement will be for vessels with an engine of at least 50 hP. Make sure you check your own state law before navigating.

Health Insurance

Although not compulsory, it might be a good idea to always carry your personal medical information with you, specifying any allergies. In the case of an emergency, every little detail can mean a really big help.

Ship Documentation

Friendly, Helpful, Trained Staff

It would always be smart to, in the case of small watercraft like a kayak, keep everything in a storage zipper bag to prevent it from getting wet. Most of the ship documentation you need to have with you can be processed here at the Maritime Documentation Center site. If you have any special queries, just fill up the corresponding contact form and we will do the rest!