May I renew my document early?

May I renew my document early?


You can submit your Renewal application before your expiration date. 

Submit your Renewal application through our site here. 

Renewing your documentation more than 60 days before your expiration date will result in your documentation being issued with a new expiration date as well as a new date of issuance. This will shorten your documentation’s period of validity. 

Renewal 60 days or fewer before the expiration date will maintain the same expiration month.

Renewal requests 30 days or fewer after the expiration date will be considered to be late. Any request for renewal received 31 days or more after the expiration date will require “Reinstatement.” 

Our form for Reinstatement can be found here. 

Documentation requiring “Reinstatement” is not eligible for Renewal. As detailed in the Federal Register, ship documentation can be renewed for up to five years in advance. Vessel owners can do so through our site.

May I Renew my Documentation Early?