U.S. Coast Guard

Reasons It’s Necessary to Register Your Boat with the Us Coast Guard

It is mandatory for individuals who own boats in the United States to register their boats with the U.S. Coast Guard. Most boat owners must comply with this registration procedure; however, there are a few exemptions. Registering your boat with the Coast Guard is required for legal and safety reasons for several different reasons. Every…

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U.S. Coast Guard Documentation

Why Should I Get U.S. Coast Guard Documentation?

If you’re the owner of a vessel that operates in U.S. waters, you should consider getting U.S. Coast Guard documentation. It’s true that when most people think of the United States Coast Guard, they picture daring rescues at sea, but this military service is responsible for much more. In truth, it has much to do…

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Register a Boat

What You’ll Need to Register a Boat in Virginia?

Virginia requires all vessel owners to register a boat with the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. A boat may be registered in Virginia as either a leisure craft or a business vessel. Commercial boats are used for business, whereas pleasure boats are used for leisure. You must fill out an Application for Boat Registration…

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Bill of Sale Form

What To Do If a Dealer Refuses to Give You a Bill of Sale form?

As the owner of a USGC vessel, you understand the significance of having a completed Bill of Sale form on hand. What if the boatyard you bought it from flat-out refuses to provide you with one? Have no fear; you can still do many things to safeguard yourself and your investment. As the proud owner…

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Vessel Documentation Search

Vessel Documentation Search, What Are Your Needs?

Are you wondering where you can easily do your vessel documentation search? If so, the Maritime Documentation Center is the ideal place for you. As the vessel owner documented with the United States Coast Guard, you know how critical it is to have your documentation in order. Several pieces of paperwork need to be submitted…

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USCG License

Tips for Getting Your USCG License Faster

If you own a vessel in the United States, the USCG license is almost certainly something you will require at some time. You are in luck since a few pointers may assist you in accelerating the procedure. Licenses issued by the US Coast Guard are obligatory for commercial vessels operating in the United States. If…

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USCG Documentation

Tips to Make Processing USCG Documentation Easier

As the vessel owner, one of the essential responsibilities is ensuring that all of your USCG documentation is in order. When it comes to the United States Coast Guard (USCG), there are several different things you need to think about. You will require your formal Certificate of Documentation (CD), and that means you will also…

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Vessel Registration

US Coast Guard Documentation & Vessel Registration

Every vessel in the United States needs to be registered with the US Coast Guard (USCG).To demonstrate that a boat or ship belongs to its owner, a procedure known as vessel registration must be completed. This process is mandatory for most boats that want to navigate the waterways of the United States. In this article,…

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Vessel Bill of Sale

Vessel Bill of Sale: What Is It and Why Do I Need One?

When you own a vessel, you are responsible for submitting the necessary documentation to maintain your boat registered and in compliance with the law. A vessel bill of sale will be one of the essential papers you will need. When one person sells their boat to another, the boat’s ownership must be transferred via a…

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