how to document your boat

How To Document Your Boat in 2022

What exactly are you looking to get on the water for? Is it just for fun? Or are you thinking of engaging in commercial activities such as people transport or fishing? There is an answer to every question. Learn how to document your boat with these easy instructions. Next year is just around the corner…

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List of Documented Vessels

How do I Get a List of Documented Vessels?

When you are purchasing a ship from a private seller, you might want to know its details as complete as they can be. Our website provides direct access to the United States Coast Guard list of documented vessels for you to find the one you are looking for. Looking up a boat’s history can reveal…

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Preferred Ship Mortgage

Preferred Ship Mortgage: What You Need to Know

The Preferred Ship Mortgage provides a lender or financier of a vessel competitive status among competing claims that might arise against a vessel. The U.S. Coast Guard acts principally as a recording agency in regard to mortgages and related instruments. It’s important to learn about it if you happen to finance someone’s ship after he/she…

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United States Coast Guard Documentation

United States Coast Guard Documentation Center Cold Weather Boating Tips

With winter just a few days away, do you want to take your vessel out on the water for one last ride? Or, alternatively, do you plan on entertaining family and friends throughout the wintry months on the water? No matter when you take your vessel out on the water, safety is paramount. However, you…

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Abstract of Title

Abstract of Title: Every Detail You Need to Know

Are you considering buying a vessel and want to make sure that it’s the right decision? Does it seem as if a vessel is perhaps “too good to be true?” The last thing anyone wants to happen is to buy a vessel with incorrect or inaccurate information, thus getting less for their money. At our…

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boat documentation

Just Some of the Benefits of Boat Documentation

Have you been considering documenting your vessel but aren’t sure if it’s the right course of action? Does it feel like the cons may outweigh the pros when it comes to boat documentation? Yes, there are those who have to document their vessels. They don’t have a choice, not if they want to use their…

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USCG Documentation

Which Owners and Vessels Qualify for USCG Documentation

Did you consider USCG documentation for your vessel, yet don’t know if you qualify? Do some of the benefits feel like they could really help you and/or your vessel, but the qualifications for documentation seem a bit opaque? Those are exactly the kinds of questions that we started our Maritime Documentation Center to answer. We…

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Coast Guard Documentation

Coast Guard Documentation Endorsements Explained: Your Vessel, Your Way

Do you know how you want to use your vessel, but you aren’t sure which endorsements are right for it? Have you been filling out your Coast Guard documentation application, only to not know what to write when you got to section J: “Endorsements for Which Application is Made?” Here at the Maritime Documentation Center,…

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Can a Bill of Sale for a Boat Be Handwritten And Other Boating Selling Qs

Can a Bill of Sale for a Boat Be Handwritten? And Other Boating Selling Qs

“I can’t find a ‘bill of sale for a boat’ form online, can I just write it up by hand?” “Can I really use that bill to sell my documented vessel?” Selling your vessel can be an exciting time. You’ve found someone who’s willing to buy your vessel at your price. But, before you complete…

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