The Coast Guard Bill of Sale

Everything You Need to Know About The Coast Guard Bill of Sale

The Coast Guard Bill of Sale can come in very handy if you’ve decided to sell your boat, as well as in other circumstances. Having a bill of sale is certainly something you’re going to want as a boat owner, even if you never sell the boat. However, the process to getting one isn’t exactly easy….

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Hailing Port

The Fundamentals of Hailing Port

There are many rules and regulations associated to owning a vessel. First we’d like to establish the fact that vessels cannot be identified as both State Registered and Federally documented, they can only be one or the other. This is an important tip to know when you are expanding your knowledge on hailing port and…

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the U S Coast Guard Boat Registry

The Purposes of the U.S. Coast Guard Boat Registry

Your boat purchase is almost finalized. You have spent months looking for just the right yacht to buy, worked on getting the financing you need, and now the deal is coming close to the end. Now is a good time for you to think about what you need to do for registration of your vessel….

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Coast Guard Abstract of Title

Learn More about a Boat with the Coast Guard Abstract Of Title

Buying a new vessel can be a big decision, and you need the right information in order to put down your money on a particular boat. To get the right information, one of the most important pieces of documentation will be the Coast Guard Abstract of Title. This can tell you lots of information about…

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USCG documentation

Facts About USCG Documentation

If you’re like most people, you’ve heard of USCG documentation, but may not know exactly what it is. It stands for “United States Coast Guard Documentation.” It can help with a wide variety of thing. People don’t often realize that. It can also be difficult and ultimately quite time consuming to fill out. It can…

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