Documentation Center

What Does the Documentation Center Do?

It can be easy to get confused about what responsibilities fall under different government agencies and departments. Sometimes it can seem like there is more red tape than is necessary, and departments exist without anyone knowing what they actually do each day. As a boat owner, you are probably aware that the United States Coast…

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Boat Licensing and Registration

A Better Way for Proper Boat Licensing and Registration

We don’t believe that boat licensing and registration should be difficult. That shouldn’t be revolutionary, but it kind of is. For many years, dealing with boat registration was like going to the DMV but much worse. After all, it’s not like many people could simply ride their vessel over to the facility, dock it, and…

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Coast Guard boat requirements

Coast Guard Boat Requirements and How to Meet Them

When you set about to buy your vessel, you may have been thinking about any number of things. What you were going to do with the vessel, being out on the water, whether you’d have a crew or do everything yourself, the wind in your hair as you cruise over the water – those are…

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Vessel Registration

Vessel Registration Simplified in a Matter of Minutes

Vessel registration. Simply reading those words might make you think of hours spent in front of a keyboard, typing every letter out while the day (and night) passes outside. Or, even worse, perhaps it makes you think of hunched over a piece of paper, writing everything out as legibly as possible, lest your forms are…

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Coast Guard Requirements

Coast Guard Requirements for Boats Like Yours

Just as with clothes, a “Certificate of Documentation” for your vessel is not “one size fits all.” Yes, we can help you to get a Certificate of Documentation for your vessel here at the Maritime Documentation Center. However, it’s important to note that there are different kinds of documentation. Getting the right documentation for your…

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USCG licensing

USCG Licensing from As Far As the Eye Can See

At the risk of saying something that’s too obvious, boat owners like to be on their boats. They don’t like to sit around, they don’t like to spend too much time on land, and they hate to have something keep them from doing what they want to do. Taking care of USCG licensing and registration,…

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US Coast Guard boat requirements

Smooth Seas Ahead: Meeting US Coast Guard Boat Requirements

When you’re at the helm, you’re always on the lookout for threats. Rough seas, darkening skies, quickening wind, other boats, people in the water, and more – when you’re in control, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the vessel’s journey is safe. By staying “one step ahead of things,” by paying close attention, then…

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Coast Guard Vessels

Registration So that You Don’t Have to Worry About Coast Guard Vessels

You’re out on the water, enjoying your vessel. Whether you’re engaging in coastwise trade, fishery, foreign trade, or just having some recreational time with friends and family, you’re doing what you want to on the water. Suddenly, the Coast Guard vessels show up. They stop your craft to look it over. Nothing wrong with that,…

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renew boat registration

Renew Boat Registration Safely and Easily From Anywhere

“Convenience” has many definitions. It can mean “getting something done quickly,” but it can also mean “doing it easily” too. Another possible definition of “convenience” is “being able to do something from a location of your choosing.” No matter which definition you choose, we make the process to renew boat registration much more convenient at…

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