US Boat Registry

Your Connection to the US Vessel Registry

The US Vessel Registry, among other things, keeps track of USCG vessel documentation. If this may sound new to you, it very much isn’t new. In fact, this is one of the first agreed-upon functions of the United States government. The 11th act of the very First Congress was setting up vessel documentation. The reasons…

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boat documentation services

Comprehensive Boat Documentation Services

At the Maritime Documentation Center, we endeavor to be everything that our name implies: the one place where you can find comprehensive boat documentation service for everything having to do with your vessels. At our site, you can find a long list of forms easily. Then, you can fill them out even easier. After that,…

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vessel documentation

Better Vessel Documentation Practices

Many of us are emotionally attached to our vessels, understandably so. After all, many of us have spent much of (if not the majority of) our lives on the water. We know our vessels as well as if not better than our homes. Indeed, for so many of us, our vessels are home. So, we…

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The National Vessel Documentation Center Renewal Online Service

The National Vessel Documentation Center Renewal Service Online

Spring is a time of renewal. The flowers are blooming, the leaves are sprouting, and the air is warming up. If you own your recreational vessel, you’ve probably been thinking about taking it back out on the water. Perhaps you’ve done so already. On some spring days, it can feel a little chill. However, on…

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Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation

USCG Documentation Transfer Exchange Explained

We have a lot of different applications on our site. Many of them deal with your initial vessel documentation, documentation renewal and Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentations. However, we also have other applications that cover a wide base of actions for your vessel. Some of our customers have asked us about these applications, wondering when…

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Comply with USCG Documentation

A Boater’s Guide to Comply with USCG Documentation

Are you ready to take your boat out for a spin? Before you hit the water, it’s important to ensure that you’re fully equipped for your trip. This means making sure all of your paperwork is in comply with USCG Documentation. is a private firm that allows users to process ship documentation online from the…

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the Abstract of Title

Updated information on What the Abstract of Title Is

For some, buying and maintaining a boat is the epitome of the American Dream. While purchasing the boat is certainly an achievement, it is important to realize that it is all a major investment that requires quite a bit of thought and commitment. Before you drop anchor off the coast of Key West, there are some…

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a Vessel Documentation Search

How to Perform a Vessel Documentation Search at Our Website

If you’re in the market for a commercial vessel or a large recreational boat, it’s important to run a background check, especially if you are purchasing from a private seller. Checking a boat’s history can expose past problems and is a must for smart shoppers. lets you perform a vessel documentation search by name or…

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