Vessel Registry

Basic Fast Facts about the Vessel Registry System

Have you heard that the United States Coast Guard (USCG) maintains a vessel registry? When you own a vessel registered with the United States Coast Guard (USCG), you have access to a range of critical maritime services and resources, among other advantages. In the following article, we will introduce the Ship Registry System and highlight…

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Boat Documentation Renewal

How to Complete Your Boat Documentation Renewal in 4 Easy Steps

The boat documentation renewal process can seem daunting, but don’t be intimidated! The United States Coast Guard has put up a comprehensive manual containing all the information necessary to renew your boat’s registration. Some of it is essential information, while other parts of it can be completely unknown to even the most seasoned boat owners….

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United States Coast Guard

United States Coast Guard Cold-Weather Boating Tips

Can you sail in the winter? The United States Coast Guard has provided some winter-safe boating guidelines. Always dress for the weather, insulate your ship, and measure the ice thickness before setting off. If you remember these safety tips, you may have a great time boating in the winter without worrying about getting in trouble….

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