a Preferred Ship Mortgage

Getting Coast Guard Documentation for a Preferred Ship Mortgage

Finding the capital to fund your purchase of a yacht or vessel will often mean taking out a loan from your bank or credit agencies. Finding this type of financing often means making use of a preferred ship mortgage. This type of mortgage is unique to maritime lenders, and the lien which is placed on…

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Coast Guard Registration Portal

Get the Right Documentation with Our Coast Guard Registration Portal

If you want to start a business venture which uses a vessel, then you will need to have the right documentation before you set off. A venture which involves the use of a boat or ship faces very specific regulation that involves applying for documentation. You can use our Coast guard registration portal to apply…

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Documented Vessel Search by Name

Performing a Documented Vessel Search by Name

Making any large purchase in life always requires great thought on your part. You never just jump into buying a house or a car without looking everything over, performing inspections, and doing research on the home or car you want to buy. If you are considering purchasing a commercial boat or large recreational vessel, you…

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benefits of documenting a vessel

The Benefits of Documenting a Vessel

The benefits of documenting a vessel are many, although it may seem like an arduous task. It can be simplified with the help of vessel documentation services. If you are a new owner of a boat, you may be wondering if you have to document your vessel with the federal government. But first, read on to…

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