Bill Of Sale

What Is Bill Of Sale For Vessels?

A bill of sale is probably familiar if you’ve ever purchased or sold a boat or watercraft. It’s a legal document used to transfer ownership of a boat, whether it’s a motorized or non-powered vessel. Taking a boat off the state’s registry is impossible without evidence of ownership. In order to register a vessel, both…

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Bill Of Sale Boat

Bill Of Sale for a Boat: A Complete 2022 Up-To-Date Guide

Are you in the market for a new boat? If so, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the bill of sale boat process. Buying a boat can be as exciting as it is expensive. While the initial purchase price of your new watercraft weighed heavily on your mind at the time of your purchase, you…

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documented vessel bill of sale

What Is A Documented Vessel Bill Of Sale?

You are completing the documents to finally buy the boat you have always wanted. Money has traded hands, and you think that all that you have to do is just pick up the boat, and sail out into the ocean. However, there is one more thing to do, and many people overlook it in the…

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Bill of Sale

About the US Coast Guard Bill of Sale

If you’ve been reading these blogs for any length of time, then you know that we take great pride in offering all of the vessel documentation services that you might need. That means that we have all of the Transfer/ Exchange, the Preferred Ship Mortgages, the Change of Address forms and everything else. When you…

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