How To Check Your Boat Documentation Status Online

How To Check Your Boat Documentation Status Online

If you’re a boat owner, you’re probably aware of the need to keep your documentation up to date. It’s important to verify the state of your boat documentation regularly to be informed of any changes and make the necessary adjustments. The failure to have the proper documentation on hand may result in your vessel being…

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Why Should You Document a Vessel  Reasons to Keep in Mind

Why Should You Document a Vessel? 4 Reasons to Keep in Mind

Maintaining a vessel for the United States Coast Guard is a significant duty. But why document a vessel? Boat owners must record their vessels to demonstrate that they are operating their vessels according to the law and maintain track of crucial information such as the boat’s size and weight. If you possess a properly recorded…

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How do you document your boat

How Do You Document A Boat With The USCG And Your State Region?

How do you document your boat? This is a question that the Maritime Documentation Center has asked a lot. They will provide you with a certificate of vessel paperwork from the U.S. Coast Guard. This is a federally recognized event. The United States Coast Guard may approach you and ask for your vessel paperwork if…

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Documenting a Vessel

Why Documenting a Vessel May Be the Right Decision

Have you been going back and forth on whether or not you should document your vessel? Did you look into documenting a vessel but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Over the years, we’ve helped so many vessel owners to determine whether or not it was the right move. Beyond that, we’ve also assisted…

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Boat Documentation

Keeping Boat Documentation in Turbulent Waters

Has something happened to put you in jeopardy of losing your vessel documentation status? Did something go awry and now you’re unsure how to set it right? Here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we can help. We’ve helped vessel owners just like you to make sure that they can legally use their vessel how they…

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US Coast Guard vessel documentation

US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation on Boat Safety this Valentine’s Day

Are you planning on taking your beloved out on the water this Valentine’s Day? Maybe there’s an unseasonably warm and pleasant day in your neck of the woods, and you want to get out on your vessel while it lasts? If you have a boat, you want to be out on it. That’s true whether…

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documenting a vessel

Why Documenting a Vessel is the Choice for So Many Owners

Have you been considering documenting a vessel but are on the fence about it? Does it seem confusing as to whether or not you would want to document your boat? At one point or another, many vessel owners feel that same way. After all, when it comes to your vessel, you have so many decisions…

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coast guard portal

Coast Guard Portal that Works Wherever You Are

Have you tried to access a Coast Guard portal online only to find that it doesn’t work all that well? When you’ve tried to fill out your documentation on your phone or computer, does it seem like it’s practically impossible? You shouldn’t have to deal with sites that say they’ll make it easy to fill…

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renew boat registration online

Renew Boat Registration Online Under the Sun or Moon

You tell yourself, “okay, today, I’m going to renew boat registration online.” You sit down at your computer to do it… and you can see the sun outside. Maybe you can see the waves on the lake. Perhaps there’s a breeze, carrying the chirping of the birds. The sun is out, summer is in full…

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merchant mariners document

What is a Merchant Mariners Document?

Working on a ship or captaining a vessel can be a fantastic job. Still, it also requires skill, experience, and knowledge of the waters. While it may seem easy for you to just climb behind the wheel of your smaller boat and go out for the day, larger ships such as commercial boats or even…

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