46 CFR Part 67

46 CFR Part 67 and Other Confusing Forms Explained

The jargon of vessel documentation isn’t easy to parse. With all of those different terms being thrown around, it can be confusing to follow even if you’ve been around boats and the water for decades. What can make it all the more confusing is when terms like “46 CFR Part 67” is thrown around, too. …

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What is a Hailing Port

What is a Hailing Port? And Other Questions

Every industry, every hobby has its own jargon. In boating, the jargon might actually be more dense and esoteric than in other industries. While there may be several reasons that this is true, a significant one is that people have been boating for literally thousands of years. That’s plenty of time for terms to be…

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boat registration

Comprehensive Boat Documentation Services

At the Maritime Documentation Center, we endeavor to be everything that our name implies: the one place where you can find comprehensive boat documentation service for everything having to do with your vessels. At our site, you can find a long list of forms easily. Then, you can fill them out even easier. After that,…

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Why Use a Boat Documentation Service For Vessel Registry

Why Use a Boat Documentation Service For Vessel Registry?

After you’ve purchased your new boat you may be curious about how to get it registered and the best ways of getting that done. If you’re a commercial boat owner the law demands that you are a part of the federal registration which is kept by the United States Coast Guard. This means going through…

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