watercraft registration

Watercraft Registration and Safety on the Water this Summer

Here at the Maritime Documentation Center, our focus is on watercraft registration and documentation. Our site was built specifically to make it easier for you to take care of all of your watercraft document needs in a single place. We want you to be as safe as possible when you get out on the water….

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boat online registration

A Better Way for Boat Online Registration Every Time

Have you ever filled out an important documentation form, whether it was online or in person, and thought to yourself: “geez, I hope that went through?” Did you ever find yourself feeling triumphant after having completed a difficult piece of paperwork and sending it in, only to be left with lingering doubts that something was…

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watercraft registration

Safe Harbor for Watercraft Registration Documents of All Kinds

The more time you spend online, the less you’ll be able to spend on your vessel. That’s a crude assessment, but it’s more or less true. It can certainly feel that way when you’re filling out watercraft registration documentation forms. When you sit down to deal with those, you’re likely to feel like you’d rather…

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Coast Guard boat requirements

Coast Guard Boat Requirements and How to Meet Them

When you set about to buy your vessel, you may have been thinking about any number of things. What you were going to do with the vessel, being out on the water, whether you’d have a crew or do everything yourself, the wind in your hair as you cruise over the water – those are…

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Coast Guard Requirements

Coast Guard Requirements for Boats Like Yours

Just as with clothes, a “Certificate of Documentation” for your vessel is not “one size fits all.” Yes, we can help you to get a Certificate of Documentation for your vessel here at the Maritime Documentation Center. However, it’s important to note that there are different kinds of documentation. Getting the right documentation for your…

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US Coast Guard boat requirements

Smooth Seas Ahead: Meeting US Coast Guard Boat Requirements

When you’re at the helm, you’re always on the lookout for threats. Rough seas, darkening skies, quickening wind, other boats, people in the water, and more – when you’re in control, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the vessel’s journey is safe. By staying “one step ahead of things,” by paying close attention, then…

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renew boat registration

Renew Boat Registration Safely and Easily From Anywhere

“Convenience” has many definitions. It can mean “getting something done quickly,” but it can also mean “doing it easily” too. Another possible definition of “convenience” is “being able to do something from a location of your choosing.” No matter which definition you choose, we make the process to renew boat registration much more convenient at…

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How Much Is It to Register a Boat

In Time, Money, and More: How Much Is It to Register a Boat?

The costs for vessel registration are not as expensive as the costs for not getting vessel registration. Should you take your vessel out without the proper registration, you expose yourself to heavy fines and worse. Here at our site, we’ve devised a way to get your vessel documentation covered in the fastest way possible. That…

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vessel documentation search by hull number

Check Boat Sales With Vessel Documentation Search By Hull Number

You are contemplating buying a boat, and want to know more details about its history. Running a background check on any vessel is very important, as it can throw up details about the boat’s past life that would otherwise have remained hidden. In order to conduct this check in the most effective manner, you should…

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Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center

How To File With The Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center

When you own a boat, you are likely to need to register it with the US Coast Guard. Known as vessel documentation, this is the national registry of vessels in US waters and is administered by the US Coast Guard at their Documentation Center. In order to apply to document a vessel, you will need…

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