renew boat registration

Renew Boat Registration Simply, Easily, and for a Long, Long Time

Did you renew boat registration for your vessel this year? Does it seem like it’s been a while since you did so? So many vessel owners all over the U.S. aren’t exactly sure when their vessel registration should be renewed. While it does have to be done annually, it’s exactly the kind of task that…

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how to register a boat

How to Register a Boat Quickly, Easily, and Completely

Looking for how to register a boat quickly? Do you want to register your vessel but don’t want the process to drag on and on? The Maritime Documentation Center was designed to make it easier for vessel owners to handle all of their documentation. That certainly includes the initial registration, as well as renewal, even…

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Coast Guard boat requirements

Coast Guard Boat Requirements and How to Meet Them

When you set about to buy your vessel, you may have been thinking about any number of things. What you were going to do with the vessel, being out on the water, whether you’d have a crew or do everything yourself, the wind in your hair as you cruise over the water – those are…

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how to register your boat

The Basics – How to Register Your Boat in the United States

Once you make the decision to purchase a recreational pleasure craft such as a yacht, there are steps you need to take leading up to and during your purchase. All the typical procedures you would expect, such as choosing the boat, securing financing, and signing ownership documents, are certainly part of what you need to…

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register a boat

How Much is it to Register a Boat?

You wanted that yacht you saw for sale online. Every day you would spend time looking at the pictures, reading the description, and imaging yourself sitting on the deck of the ship enjoying the breeze off the water. You could go fishing, take exotic vacations, or just enjoy quiet time on the lakes and ocean…

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watercraft registration

Watercraft Registration from Anywhere at Any Time

In our modern era, we seemingly have a technology that can help with everything. You can do your banking online, each of us carries what’s essentially a computer, camera, and so much more in our pocket. Self-driving cars are probably only a few years away. Yet, there’s really no app you can download, nor virtual…

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boat registration

Checking Boat Registration Requirements for Your Particular Vessel

If you’ve just bought a boat for the first time, boat registration requirements and regulations can seem confusing and onerous at best. Of course, they can seem that way if you’ve owned boats for decades. When we built our site, we designed it to make it easy to fill out all of the forms, yes….

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boat online registration

How to Use Our Boat Online Registration to Save Time and Money and More

Our boat online registration site has always made it easier to register your boat and fill out other forms of documentation. From the very beginning, that’s what our site was designed to do. We saw how difficult and time-consuming it was to fill these forms out by hand, so we wanted to find a better…

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boat registration renewal

Boat Registration Renewal Today, Tomorrow, and Well Into the Future

Think of things that you have to do annually: pay for your car registration, renew certain forms and licenses, taxes, and so forth. With many of those, you’re given multiple reminders. As much of that is national in scope (such as taxes), they could come up as topics of conversation with friends and family, which…

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boat registration

Boat Licensing vs. Boat Registration Explained

“I already have my boating license, do I really need to get boat registration, too?” We hear some version of that question often. A variation we hear: “I got my vessel registered. So, that counts as a boat license, right?” The truth is that they’re very different things. We can help with one of them….

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