Coast Guard boat certification

Coast Guard Boat Certification to Use Your Vessel How You Want

Are you in the process of completing your Coast Guard boat certification documents and want to make sure that your vessel is in perfect compliance? Do you have a clear idea of how you want to use your vessel, but don’t quite know how to make that work with the powers that be? There are…

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Coast Guard Documentation

Coast Guard Documentation Q&A

Q: What is a Coast Guard Documentation Number?  A: The Coast Guard Documentation Number is the official number of a documented vessel. This number is to be prominently displayed on the vessel, signifying its documented status. This number stays with the vessel for the vessel’s lifetime.  When someone sends in their form to get their…

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Coast Guard boat requirements

Coast Guard Boat Requirements for the MARAD Waiver

Do you want to use a vessel that wasn’t made in the United States to transport passengers and want to know how to do so in compliance with all pertinent rules and regulations? Do you feel confused about how the rules pertain to foreign-built vessels? This is perfectly understandable. The Coast Guard boat requirements for…

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Abstract of Title

What is an Abstract of Title and Other Maritime Registration Questions

An abstract of title refers to the record of all documents that have been submitted to the United States Coast Guard for one particular vessel. This abstract will only list the information that has been provided to the Coast Guard during the time the boat in question was registered, which means that there are probably…

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certificate of deletion of vessel

What is a Certificate of Deletion of Vessel and When Will You Need it?

Our team at the Maritime Documentation Center receives a lot of questions about all the complicated vessel documentation processes, from the registration process to transfers of ownership. One of the most common queries on our site is about the option for a certificate of deletion of vessel. What is this about? When do people need…

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U S Coast Guard certification

Do You Need U.S. Coast Guard Certification for Your Boat?

You still have a hard time believing it is true. One day, your dreams of owning a boat are just that – dreams. The next day, you have a bill of sale in your hand, indicating you are the new owner of a vessel that you know you will love sailing as often as possible….

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a Certificate of Documentation

Getting a Certificate of Documentation Without Being Certifiable

If you’re like so many other vessel owners, then you probably have a procedure for when you start your vessel up. You may have a checklist you go through in order to make sure that everything is in working order before you set out on the water. Your vessel documentation works in a similar fashion….

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US Coast Guard vessel documentation center

The U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center in Your Hands

Accessing the Coast Guard documents that you need for your vessel is easier than ever. Of course, it might not always seem that way. That’s where our service comes in. When you use our site, you can get all of the documents you need right in the palm of your hands. That means that you…

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certificate of documentation

A Certificate of Documentation: Certificate to Make Money

To be clear, the title of this blog, “a certificate of documentation: certificate to make money” is meant metaphorically, not literally. The phrase “certificate to make money” has been used throughout time to describe an opportunity that allows a person to make more money than they would have otherwise. It can safely be said of…

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