USCG Vessel Documentation

The Convenience of Processing USCG Vessel Documentation Online

Did you know that you can process all USCG vessel documentation online? Sure, for the most part, it’s just about a click of a button. Maintain the status of your vessel with the convenience of online processing! You’ll enjoy all of the advantages of safe, dependable processing and the tremendous convenience of doing it all…

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Preferred Ship Mortgage

Understanding the Preferred Ship Mortgage in the USA

Do you have an eye on a vessel that you’d like to buy, but you aren’t sure if you’ll be able to afford it? Would you like to get financing for a vessel that you plan on documenting with the Coast Guard? If you’re going to get your vessel documented, you may be eligible for…

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How to Get a Copy of Your Coast Guard Documentation, Replace it, and More

How to Get a Copy of Your Coast Guard Documentation, Replace it, and More

Do you need a copy of your Coast Guard documentation but aren’t sure of the process of going about getting one? Did you lose a copy of your Certificate of Registration and don’t know where you are in terms of validity? The Certificate of Registration is a crucially important document for many vessel owners. It’s…

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Certificate of Documentation

Getting Your Coast Guard Certificate of Documentation in Order

Every boat owner knows how important it is to have the corresponding registration in order whenever you are operating commercially. In fact, it’s imperative that you have your certificate of documentation in order at all times. Now, what happens if you don’t have it? What happens if something happens to it? What happens if you…

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Avoid the NVDC Delays with Maritime Documentation Center

The NVDC requires all vessel owners, whether they’re commercial or recreational, to obtain vessel documentation and keep it up-to-date. The entity hasn’t had any trouble processing commercial vessel documents in time. However, since late last year, the entity had experienced an unprecedented backlog with recreational vessels documentation.   This makes sense if we think that…

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Coast Guard boat certification

Coast Guard Boat Certification to Use Your Vessel How You Want

Are you in the process of completing your Coast Guard boat certification documents and want to make sure that your vessel is in perfect compliance? Do you have a clear idea of how you want to use your vessel, but don’t quite know how to make that work with the powers that be? There are…

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Coast Guard Documentation

Coast Guard Documentation Q&A

Q: What is a Coast Guard Documentation Number?  A: The Coast Guard Documentation Number is the official number of a documented vessel. This number is to be prominently displayed on the vessel, signifying its documented status. This number stays with the vessel for the vessel’s lifetime.  When someone sends in their form to get their…

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Coast Guard boat requirements

Coast Guard Boat Requirements for the MARAD Waiver

Do you want to use a vessel that wasn’t made in the United States to transport passengers and want to know how to do so in compliance with all pertinent rules and regulations? Do you feel confused about how the rules pertain to foreign-built vessels? This is perfectly understandable. The Coast Guard boat requirements for…

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Abstract of Title

What is an Abstract of Title and Other Maritime Registration Questions

An abstract of title refers to the record of all documents that have been submitted to the United States Coast Guard for one particular vessel. This abstract will only list the information that has been provided to the Coast Guard during the time the boat in question was registered, which means that there are probably…

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certificate of deletion of vessel

What is a Certificate of Deletion of Vessel and When Will You Need it?

Our team at the Maritime Documentation Center receives a lot of questions about all the complicated vessel documentation processes, from the registration process to transfers of ownership. One of the most common queries on our site is about the option for a certificate of deletion of vessel. What is this about? When do people need…

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