Coast Guard Documentation Number

Acquiring a Coast Guard Documentation Number Simply and Easily

Are you in the process of figuring out whether or not you want to get a Coast Guard documentation number? Have you looked into it and are still on the fence? The truth is that documenting a vessel isn’t an option for every vessel. Indeed, some don’t qualify. By that same token, there are those…

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documented vessel number

Documented Vessel Number: Key to Boating How You Want

Do you want the freedom to use your vessel how you want? Have you gotten everything together that you need to get your commercial boating venture “off the ground” (so to speak) and don’t want to be hassled? That’s what a documented vessel number can do. Depending on your vessel and your circumstances, the Maritime…

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us coast guard vessel documentation

What is a Coast Guard Documentation Number?

The Coast Guard Documentation Number is the official number of a documented vessel. This number is to be prominently displayed on the vessel, signifying its documented status. This number stays with the vessel for the vessel’s lifetime. When someone sends in their form to get their Coast Guard documentation number, they receive a USCG Certificate of…

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