Applying For the MARAD Waiver Steps, Eligibility, And More

Applying For the MARAD Waiver: Steps, Eligibility, And More

If you don’t know what you’re doing, getting a MARAD waiver might be complicated. MARAD waivers enable some not qualified people under the Merchant Marine Act of 1936 (known as the Jones Act) to receive a mariner’s license via a Maritime Administration (MARAD) waiver. One-stop shop for all things maritime: Merchant Mariner’s Authorization Database. Employers…

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MARAD Waiver

MARAD Waiver Can Help You With Foreign Ships in America

Did you recently come into possession of a foreign-built vessel and you aren’t sure how you can use it? Do you have designs on using your vessel to make a few bucks but want to be certain you comply with the powers that be? This exact kind of situation is more common than you may…

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Vessel Documentation Center Search by Vessel Name

Vessel Documentation Center Search by Vessel Name: Doing One & Being On One

Have you been looking for a way to find out more about a vessel? Does it seem like whenever you search online for more information about a vessel you don’t feel like you can trust what you’ll find? There are many information sources online, but, unfortunately, there are few that you can implicitly trust. One…

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US Coast Guard Documentation

US Coast Guard Documentation for Small Vessels Sans Documentation: MARAD

Do you have a vessel that you aren’t sure what to do with? Is there a vessel in your possession that you think may be foreign-built but you still want to see how you can use it in a commercial capacity legally? If you’ve looked at our FAQ and some of our other blogs, then…

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MARAD Small Vessel Waiver Program

Who Can Apply to the MARAD Small Vessel Waiver Program and How?

The MARAD waiver is a Maritime Administration mechanism meant for foreign-built vessels. After all, the Jones Act requires that the vessels operating in coastwise commerce be built domestically whenever possible. The MARAD small vessel waiver program recognizes that foreign-built vessels can also contribute to American commerce, which is why it grants waivers to certain vessels…

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MARAD waiver

What is the MARAD Waiver and How to Apply?

There are certain specific regulations that United States law has in place for the sake of domestic commerce. In the interest of prioritizing American vessel-owners and United States-built vessels, for example, the Maritime Administration has certain protections in place to regulate who has primer access to commerce between domestic ports. It’s because of this that…

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