what is the USCG

What is the USCG?

There are many facets to the U.S. government, and each department and service has different roles and responsibilities. The military is no different, and the various branches of the military operate both as a unit and independently. While most people may hear about the military and immediately think of the services like the Army, Navy,…

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maritime documents

Maritime Documents that are Actually Useful

From the moment you get serious about purchasing a vessel, you may be inundated with different maritime documents. Many of these documents will be frivolous and unnecessary at best: flyers for sales, information about boats on sale, and the like. Some, like the kind you may find when you’re researching boats online, will be out…

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vessel documentation

Better Vessel Documentation Practices

Many of us are emotionally attached to our vessels, understandably so. After all, many of us have spent much of (if not the majority of) our lives on the water. We know our vessels as well as if not better than our homes. Indeed, for so many of us, our vessels are home. So, we…

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