US boat registry

US Boat Registry is Easier to Join Than it Seems

If you’re a new vessel owner, then you are probably just learning about the US boat registry. This will be very important for you to be aware of since it’s very likely that you will need to register your vessel in it and obtain a certificate of documentation. It’s understandable that you might have questions…

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USCG forms

A Place for USCG Forms That’s Always Open and Accessible

Do you need to fill out one or more USCG forms, but it feels like you can just never find the time? Have you sat down to complete any form of Coast Guard documentation, only to procrastinate and procrastinate until you don’t get it done? That doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you, rather, there’s…

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How Much Is It to Register a Boat

In Time, Money, and More: How Much Is It to Register a Boat?

The costs for vessel registration are not as expensive as the costs for not getting vessel registration. Should you take your vessel out without the proper registration, you expose yourself to heavy fines and worse. Here at our site, we’ve devised a way to get your vessel documentation covered in the fastest way possible. That…

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boat online registration

Boat Online Registration from Practically Anywhere

“I know I have to get my boat registration done, but I can do it later.” If you’re like so many vessel owners, you’ve probably had that thought. In fact, you’ve probably had it multiple times in a day. That’s perfectly understandable, as there’s nothing exactly fun, glamorous or exciting about filling out your boat…

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USCG vessel registry

USCG Vessel Registry Made Easy

When you buy yourself a luxury recreational vessel like a yacht, you spend significant time researching, looking at the options, and going over specifics so that you get just what you want. The process is not always an easy one for you, but it is worth the time and effort that you put into it….

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watercraft registration

Watercraft Registration and Other Things that Matter

Memories that last forever: that’s what the holiday season is about for many. Holiday parties with friends and family that maybe you don’t get to see other times of the year, office parties where everyone gets to “let their hair down,” and more – the holidays can be a special time. We’re more than just…

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US Boat Registry

Your Connection to the US Vessel Registry

The US Vessel Registry, among other things, keeps track of USCG vessel documentation. If this may sound new to you, it very much isn’t new. In fact, this is one of the first agreed-upon functions of the United States government. The 11th act of the very First Congress was setting up vessel documentation. The reasons…

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