US Coast Guard vessels

The One Place for Coast Guard Vessels Registration

If you’ve ever shopped for something online, then you know how hard it can be to find the exact thing that you want. Sure, when you go online, you’ll be able to find so many different options and be exposed to things that you didn’t even know existed. However, it can be difficult to find…

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Coast Guard registry

We Can Help with the Coast Guard Registry Process

The yacht you purchased has everything you always dreamed about when you thought about getting a boat. You already have plans regarding the places you will go and visit, and you cannot wait for the first time you get it in the water now that the deal is done. Before you take your vessel out…

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US Coast Guard vessel registration

Why you want US Coast Guard Vessel Registration

At the Maritime Documentation Services, we believe that many boats should have the proper kind of documentation. However, it’s important to note that we’re not trying to sell you on documentation. There are plenty of vessels that should have US Coast Guard vessel registration and plenty of vessels that shouldn’t. We’re not here to sell…

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