US Coast Guard registration search

Let Us Help You With A US Coast Guard Registration Search

Buying a second hand boat can be the start of fulfilling a dream of sailing the ocean or expanding your business by shipping to nearby countries. Buying a vessel is usually uncomplicated, and the documents change hands with very little problem. However, if you want to reassure yourself that you are not wasting your money…

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US Coast Guard documented vessel bill of sale

What Is A US Coast Guard Documented Vessel Bill Of Sale?

If you are planning on selling your boat, you will need to do your research about the US Coast Guard documented vessel bill of sale and how it might apply to you. These documents can be the best way to settle your connection to a vessel and ensure that you are not blamed for any…

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Bill of Sale

About the US Coast Guard Bill of Sale

If you’ve been reading these blogs for any length of time, then you know that we take great pride in offering all of the vessel documentation services that you might need. That means that we have all of the Transfer/ Exchange, the Preferred Ship Mortgages, the Change of Address forms and everything else. When you…

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