MARAD Waiver

The Role of the MARAD Waiver in Placing Foreign Ships in the US

The Maritime Administration grants ships manufactured in other countries a specific concession known as the MARAD waiver. Occasionally, these ships can transport goods from one port to the next. According to, only certain types of boats are eligible for this waiver, and only under certain circumstances.  As part of the Maritime Administration’s efforts to…

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US Vessel

What Should You Do if You Want to Claim an Abandoned US Vessel?

Have you been interested in getting a vessel that’s been abandoned in your area? As you might imagine, this can be a delicate matter. In today’s economy, unfortunately, many vessels have been abandoned and simply left in marinas. When vessel owners can’t pay the fees, taxes, and everything else, they may just leave their vessels…

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US vessel

You Got a US Vessel, Now How Do You Stay in Compliance?

Did you just purchase your first US vessel? Or, have you gotten your first vessel in some time, and you aren’t sure about how to proceed in getting the right documentation? We designed the Maritime Documentation Center for vessel owners of all kinds. Whether this is your first vessel or your thousandth (or any number…

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