U S Coast Guard certification

Do You Need U.S. Coast Guard Certification for Your Boat?

You still have a hard time believing it is true. One day, your dreams of owning a boat are just that – dreams. The next day, you have a bill of sale in your hand, indicating you are the new owner of a vessel that you know you will love sailing as often as possible….

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US Coast Guard vessel registration

US Coast Guard Vessel Registration Documentation and Safety

Staying safe on the water is always important. Around this time in spring, people start going on the water more and more. When you’ve been cooped up away from the water all winter, it’s natural to want to get back out there. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic going on, it’s more important to stay safe….

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US Coast Guard documented vessel bill of sale

What Is A US Coast Guard Documented Vessel Bill Of Sale?

If you are planning on selling your boat, you will need to do your research about the US Coast Guard documented vessel bill of sale and how it might apply to you. These documents can be the best way to settle your connection to a vessel and ensure that you are not blamed for any…

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Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center

How To File With The Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Center

When you own a boat, you are likely to need to register it with the US Coast Guard. Known as vessel documentation, this is the national registry of vessels in US waters and is administered by the US Coast Guard at their Documentation Center. In order to apply to document a vessel, you will need…

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renew your Coast Guard documentation

Ready to Renew Your Coast Guard Documentation?

You have spent the last year making the most of every moment you could on your boat. Since you made the purchase, you have loved your time out on the water with friends, family, or even by yourself. You made sure you did everything right after you bought your boat, going through the registration process…

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Coast Guard registry

We Can Help with the Coast Guard Registry Process

The yacht you purchased has everything you always dreamed about when you thought about getting a boat. You already have plans regarding the places you will go and visit, and you cannot wait for the first time you get it in the water now that the deal is done. Before you take your vessel out…

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Vessel Documentation

Our Vessel Documentation Service Makes Life Easy

Buying a recreational vessel like a yacht, or a commercial boat you plan to use for a new business venture, is a big step for you. It takes planning, financing, and execution to make things happen. You should also know that there will be a lot of paperwork involved in the process from the time…

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