What Is The CG  Code in Vessel Documentation

What Is The CG-1270 Code in Vessel Documentation?

In order to identify the owner of a vessel, the CG-1270 code included in its paperwork is employed. The CG-1270 designation in vessel documentation is occasionally preceded by the phrase “beneficiary,” which you may have observed. This term implies that the listed individual or organization is merely operating in the capacity of a trustee for…

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USCG Vessel Documentation

The Convenience of Processing USCG Vessel Documentation Online

Did you know that you can process all USCG vessel documentation online? Sure, for the most part, it’s just about a click of a button. Maintain the status of your vessel with the convenience of online processing! You’ll enjoy all of the advantages of safe, dependable processing and the tremendous convenience of doing it all…

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USCG Vessel Documentation

How to Renew USCG Vessel Documentation In Advance

Do you have any questions about how to renew USCG vessel documentation? Getting your Coast Guard paperwork renewed is now a lot less complicated. The form may be completed electronically and sent to us by visiting our website, the Maritime Documentation Center, and following the instructions. The National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC) of the United…

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US Vessel

What Should You Do if You Want to Claim an Abandoned US Vessel?

Have you been interested in getting a vessel that’s been abandoned in your area? As you might imagine, this can be a delicate matter. In today’s economy, unfortunately, many vessels have been abandoned and simply left in marinas. When vessel owners can’t pay the fees, taxes, and everything else, they may just leave their vessels…

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Coast Guard Boat Requirements

Coast Guard Boat Requirements for Safety in Summer and Fall

As August turns to September and summer becomes fall, have you been trying to get out on your vessel for one last summer party with family and friends? Do you want to have a good time on the water before the leaves fall and the air grows cold? Now is the time of year when…

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USCG Portal

Some Reasons Folks Document Their Vessel Through Our USCG Portal

“I guess vessel documentation is a good idea, but what are the real benefits to it if I don’t have to document my vessel?” At this point, you probably know that if your vessel measures five net tons or more and you’re using it for fishing and coastwise activities on navigable American waters or those…

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USCG vessels,

Ways USCG Vessels (and All Others) Can Stay Safe this Spring

Are you finally ready to take your vessel out on the water this spring, but want to make sure that everything is safe? Has the weather gotten warm enough to the point where it’s time to get your vessel out of storage? There is nothing, nothing like taking your boat out after it’s been locked…

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Coast Guard Documentation

Coast Guard Documentation Q&A

Q: What is a Coast Guard Documentation Number?  A: The Coast Guard Documentation Number is the official number of a documented vessel. This number is to be prominently displayed on the vessel, signifying its documented status. This number stays with the vessel for the vessel’s lifetime.  When someone sends in their form to get their…

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USCG vessel registry

Changing Your Vessel on the USCG Vessel Registry When Life Changes

Has your life changed significantly since you first registered your vessel? Did you move into a new phase of your life and are unsure how it relates to your spot on the USCG vessel registry? When we’re at the helm of our boats, the water can change at a moment’s notice. One minute, calm seas…

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Title Search Request

More Than a Place for USCG Vessels: Foreign Title Search Request

Have you been struggling to find the information you can trust about foreign vessels? Did you find the perfect vessel to buy, yet it’s in another country and you aren’t all that sure about its history? Here at the Maritime Documentation Center, we know how important it is to have all of the information you…

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