US Coast Guard Documentation: Safe on the Water

When you take your vessel out on the water, you want to have a safe trip, to return to port exactly as you left it. If you’ve taken your vessel out for a commercial business, you want to provide quality services. If you’ve taken it out for recreation, you want to have a good time….

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list of documented vessels

Where to Find a Current List of Documented Vessels

Is buying a commercial boat or large recreational vessel like a yacht in your immediate future? If it is, you want to make sure that any boat you consider for purchase is not only physically sound but has all its paperwork in order. Making sure the boat has a good engine, is structurally sound, and…

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certificate of documentation

A Certificate of Documentation: Certificate to Make Money

To be clear, the title of this blog, “a certificate of documentation: certificate to make money” is meant metaphorically, not literally. The phrase “certificate to make money” has been used throughout time to describe an opportunity that allows a person to make more money than they would have otherwise. It can safely be said of…

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Coast Guard Boat Registration Database

Our Relationship to the Coast Guard Boat Registration Database

At the Maritime Documentation Center, we are not the Coast Guard Boat Registration Database. However, we do make interacting with that database easier. We can help with plenty of the functions that can make working with the Coast Guard to get your documentation that much simpler to deal with. If you think of the Coast…

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documented vessel number

A Documented Vessel Number, Explained

If you have a documented vessel, you have a documented vessel number. You may wonder why you would want to get your vessel documented and how the process would work. There are many benefits to getting your documented vessel numbers, but it’s not for everyone. Some vessels have to be documented, whereas others shouldn’t be…

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US Boat Registry

Your Connection to the US Vessel Registry

The US Vessel Registry, among other things, keeps track of USCG vessel documentation. If this may sound new to you, it very much isn’t new. In fact, this is one of the first agreed-upon functions of the United States government. The 11th act of the very First Congress was setting up vessel documentation. The reasons…

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What Forms Will You Need for A TransferExchange of USCG Documentation

What Forms Will You Need for A Transfer/Exchange of USCG Documentation?

If you want to buy or sell a vessel, you will need to make the transfer of ownership clear to the US Coast Guard’s documentation center. This group keep all of the details of any US vessel, and any commercial or larger vessels need to be registered with the Coast Guard in order to be…

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