Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation

transfer exchange of uscg documentation

Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation 

Below, you’ll find a form that will allow you to transfer and/or exchange ownership of a vessel. After you submit the application to us, our team of document processing specialists will get right to work. They will review every aspect of your document. That way, they ensure the integrity of the submitted data. Should it be necessary, they will call you. 

Remember: should the boat deal not proceed, all applications and processing fees are not refundable. 

What The USCG Exchange/Transfer Form Does 

Simply put, this document makes it possible to change or transfer the vessel’s ownership. Examples of this include changing a managing owner’s name, adding or subtracting a company or trust, transferring the vessel to a new individual, removing/adding a spouse/partner, or even selling the vessel. 

Remember: any mortgage the vessel may have on it will need to be satisfied for this to go forward. Alternatively, the documentation can proceed should you have received permission from the mortgagee (more commonly known as the “lender”) in order to complete the transfer of the vessel’s Certificate of Documentation.

Things to Keep in Mind about Ship Documentation

Completing this documentation can be an important step. However, in and of itself, it does not entitle a vessel to documentation. A current, up to date Certificate of Documentation is valid for vessel operation and no other document. Also, should official numbers be designated on the basis of this application, they are not transferable.

Additionally, all rules with vessel documentation apply. With the exception of certain vessels used in oil spills, the vessel must measure at least five net tons. Should you be unsure about this measurement, bear in mind: a vessel that’s 25 feet or more in length will probably measure five net tons.

Additionally, it must be wholly and completely owned by a United States Citizen.
As ever, should you have questions about this, do not hesitate to reach out to our staff.

Where You Can Complete This Form

To make completing this and other forms of vessel documentation that much easier, we made our site mobile-optimized. That means you can complete this form on basically any device, phone, tablet, or more, so long as you have an internet connection.
If you have more questions or require further assistance with this or any other form, our staff is more than happy to help. You can reach us at (800) 535-8570.

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