It is possible that you are the current owner of a U.S. Coast Guard-documented vessel and would like to apply for a transfer exchange of USCG documentation to another vessel to avoid having to go through the entire application process again. Using this procedure, you can transfer your documentation to another vessel owner without going through the entire application process again. We are looking forward to assisting you in keeping your documentation up to date!Transferring documentation is a simple process that can be completed in about 20 minutes if you follow the instructions carefully. Simple application forms, which can be completed online, are all that the Maritime Documentation Center requires. You can complete the application from one of our mobile-friendly websites, which will make the process even more convenient. Visit our website to find out more about this process and how to apply for it. Learn about the key requirements below the form:

Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation

Comply With All State and Federal Laws

In order to guarantee that state and federal rules authorize your vessel, you should ensure that you comply with all relevant laws and regulations, according to By transferring ownership of your vessel to us, we will be able to assist you in maintaining compliance with all applicable legislation and supply you with an updated document package as soon as possible. We are an authorized Documentation Center (DCO), and we can provide you with all of the documentation you require, such as the Official Log Book (OC1), Certificate of Documentation (COD), and Tonnage Spreadsheet, among other things. While you must comply with government requirements governing marine paperwork, such as MARPOL Annex V and the Clean Water Act, we’ll handle practically everything else, including processing your present papers, altering your name and description, and supplying new documentation.

Use An Approved Form for Documentation Submission

All documentation submissions must adhere to a pre-approved format to be considered for acceptance. The Maritime Documents Center strives to make the transfer of documentation as simple as possible for its customers. It is required that all documents be submitted via the Transfer Exchange Electronic Document System (TEEDS). Although you may submit less than 15 forms, each vessel should have its own TEDS account, regardless of the number of forms submitted.

Before submitting a form, double-check that your contact details and listing information on the form correspond to the information in TEDS. You must submit the correct form. Various offices are subject to various restrictions, all of which are extensively scrutinized by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Make sure you don’t forget any of the steps or information on your form.

Submit All Required Information for The Transfer of USCG Documentation

Our new form will gather all the information we need to complete your request online. For your request to be successful, we may ask you for additional information and supporting documents not already included in your existing paperwork. Please check out our application instructions page for additional details. To submit the documentation, you’ll need the following:

  • Completed application
  • Current ownership documentation
  • A transfer exchange of USCG documentation fee
  • An authorized individual to serve as the accepting MDC service agent
  • Proof of shipping company financial responsibility document, if applicable
  • Other documentation (may include product listings, bills of lading or other documents related to goods received or unloaded)

Ensure Accuracy of Information Submitted

You must include all relevant information in your transfer exchange of documents. If your paperwork isn’t right, it might cost you money, cause delays, and damage your reputation. When you use the transfer exchange of USCG documentation service to list valuable boats, you can ensure that all official documentation will have the correct information. Clients who have signed up for this service have claimed that they have spent less time preparing and updating their vessels’ paperwork.

Data onboard most USCG ships is critical and should be kept current. The correct Certificate of Documentation (Title), the correct vessel identification number, the tonnage, the home port, and so on are examples. In the case of a USCG vessel, the accuracy of your information is critical. Having the erroneous vessel ID listed on your Certificate of Documentation might result in its revocation. Make sure the information you provide is accurate. To ensure that the information you supply to us is accurate, we need your name, home address, and phone number to be supplied.

If you own a U.S.-registered vessel and need updated documentation, we encourage you to contact the Maritime Documentation Center right once. Sailors may turn to the Maritime Documentation Center for assistance when it comes to paperwork. We’ll gladly provide you with any information you want for your next move. We can save you money and time, and we can acquire the documents you need right away!!! Give us a call at 1-800-535-8570 and speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.