Documented Vessel Search at Maritime Documentation Center

Documented Vessel Search at Maritime Documentation Center

Registration and paperwork are essential components for the USCG boat owner, both in securing their vessel and remaining in compliance with state and federal requirements. The Maritime Documentation Center offers complete services for the registration and documented vessel search, making the procedure straightforward and uncomplicated for everyone involved. MDC is familiar with the requirements for correctly documenting your vessel, thanks to its years of expertise in the marine business.

If you are the boat owner, you are aware that maintaining proper paperwork is an essential component of boat ownership. And if you aren’t already aware of the Maritime Documentation Center (MDC), you need to do so! MDC is proud to provide services for the search of documented vessels, which give reassurance and many additional advantages. The documented vessel search service offered by MDC should be used for the following reasons:

Documented Vessel Search


Is there a reason why corporations and people want to record their vessels? Is there an explanation for this? As a significant advantage, having your boat registered with the U.S. Coast Guard provides you with a sense of security. This is crucial to keep in mind when storing your boat for a lengthy amount of time, selling or purchasing your boat, or just taking it out for a month or more according to If something happens to your boat, you may be sure that you can always return to it.

For many sailors, the knowledge that their boat has been registered, recorded, and insured gives them a feeling of security that they can rely on. Stolen boats may be found on trailers even if they are stored. Damage from storms or sinking may lead to property loss and legal difficulties if other boats clash with them or their fuel, water, or dangerous materials pour onto the dock. Having insurance on a documented boat may protect you against various unforeseen events and charges.


You should know whether your boat is documented or undocumented so that you may get a reduction in your insurance premiums. Many loans demand verified boats, and certain maritime providers will only sell to documented vessels. Before making a purchase choice on a boat in another state or even another nation, be sure the vessel is recorded correctly. Documented vessels may be found in the MDC’s database, which is accessible online. Finding this data is a breeze, thanks to the MDC.

The MSC’s documented vessel search tool makes it simpler to locate documented vessels. Whether you’re looking to charter or buy a boat, you must explore our database for relevant information to help you make an educated choice. Finding boats that meet your needs and fall within your budget is another benefit of searching online.


Do you know anything about the United States Customs and Border Protection? Have you ever been in a scenario in which you were questioned about the amount of gold included in your iPhone, laptop, or other technological gadgets, or even the amount of wood contained in your hardwood floors? Have you ever considered, for instance, what may occur if a vessel does not have the appropriate documentation to enter or exit seas belonging to the United States? Documentation is necessary for a circumstance like this one; failing to do so will result in a delay for all of the people concerned. Having the proper papers to enter or exit U.S. waters may save time and unnecessary difficulty. If your vessel is documented, Customs Officers will know that you already possess a USCG Certificate of Inspection, making it more straightforward for you to get clearance from Customs.

Legal Requirements for A Documented Vessel Search

You must comply with the documentation rules in your nation whether you are the captain of a ship, a part-owner of the ship, or a broker. This is one of the many reasons it is essential to acquire your information from the source itself. The USCG vessel search service offered by the Maritime Documentation Center (MDC) provides you with access to the information you require regarding the legal status of a vessel.

This information will assist you in meeting this obligation and will allow your ship to remain at sea for a more extended period. It’s common to ignore the legal and safety implications of not providing paperwork for your vessel. It is essential to register your vessel and get documented status for various reasons, including those that are legal and others that are practical. This may be highly useful in international contexts and situations when you need to demonstrate ownership of a vessel after using it as security for a loan.

Are you trying to locate a particular vessel’s U.S. paperwork records? Don’t be intimidated by the procedure anymore. In order to locate the paperwork of your desires, the Maritime Documentation Center makes it simple to get practically any U.S. document. Just dial 800-535-8570, and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s as easy as that!

You can perform a vessel documentation search at our website in an easy, safe way. Our website is SSL encrypted so all documentation information is secured from theft or hacking. The maritime documentation center has a database search that is designed to be a resource available for everyone. You just need to enter the HIN and the official number of the vessel you want to search and obtain its information right away.

This vessel documentation search system provides users with the information available at the National Vessel Documentation Center in regards to the vessel they’re looking for. This is a great benefit for those who are interested in acquiring a used vessel in particular. Why is that? Because they can obtain valuable information about the legal ownership, mortgages, and lien claims pending from the unit they’re interested in buying.

Things to Keep in Mind When Performing a Vessel Documentation Search

When you do your query in our system, you can add either the HIN number or the official number. You can enter the information either in capital letters or lower case. The results will match the exact terms you entered and will show on this very same page.

Another thing to note is that the data provided in this search system is subject to updates. It may also contain errors and omissions. So it’s recommended for you to take it carefully and to investigate it more thoroughly. The reason behind errors is that some vessels’ files might have been inactive for a long time; even decades. So this information, although still available, might not be accurate.

Documented Vessel Search

What Data Can I Obtain Here?

The data that comes from our vessel documentation search system can include:

  • Ownership information
  • Preferred mortgage filings
  • Lien claim notices
  • Supplemental data

One thing to keep in mind: when you do a vessel documentation search, it may extend beyond the vessel’s federal status. So the unit you’re looking for information can be affected by recordings on the state level or even foreign registries.

Another important thing is that the USCG makes it very clear that the vessel documentation you may find in this search shouldn’t be taken as conclusive evidence of ownership. This applies especially in cases in which the vessel has hidden claims or filing digressions.