The Boat Bill of Sale

A Vital Document for You – The Boat Bill of Sale

If you are considering buying a used boat or are considering selling your boat on the secondary market, there is paperwork that you will need to get that is an important part of the transaction. There will be plenty forms to fill out regarding financing the boat, transferring the title and the like, but nothing may be more important than the bill of sale for the transaction. The boat bill of sale is a vital document for you as a buyer or seller and can be especially important if you are looking to document your vessel with the Coast Guard at any point.

No Standard Bill of Sale Form

While the bill of sale is important, there is no standard form that is available from the Coast Guard or other government entity that can get used for this purpose. Since there is no standard form, it is up to you as a party involved in the transaction to make sure a bill of sale is created and contains the pertinent information needed to make it a legal document when it is signed. You want the form to have space for the information of the buyer and seller, information about the boat such as the hull identification number and make and model of the boat, the amount of the sale and the date of the sale, and a place for signatures of the parties involved.

The Boat Bill of Sale

The Need for the Boat Bill of Sale

A boat bill of sale is necessary for several reasons. First, it shows the legality of the transaction of the boat and transfers ownership of the vessel and any liens or fines currently accrued to the new owner. The bill of sale is necessary for you as the buyer so that you can register the vessel to you in your state, but you will also need it if you intend to seek documentation from the U.S. Coast Guard, so your vessel becomes part of the federal registry.

Filing Your Bill of Sale

Once you have the boat bill of sale and have taken ownership of the boat, if you want to seek out boat documentation you can get help with the process from us here at Maritime Documentation Center. Our website has all the forms you need and is easy to use so you can take care of everything online, submit your application and documents, and we can check it all over and file on your behalf, so you get your documentation quickly and easily. For more information, please call (800) 535-8570.