what is uscg documentation

What is USCG Documentation?

A lot of boat owners are wondering what is USCG Documentation and whether or not they must obtain a USCG documentation. Although not all vessels can be documented, there are several benefits of doing this process. One of them is that it is a national form of registration. This means it’s a proof of nationality when you travel to international waters. Furthermore, you can use it to participate in unhindered commerce. You can also engage in certain restricted trades, like fisheries and coastwise trade.

What do you need to obtain a Certificate of Documentation (COD)?

To obtain a COD, your boat has to weigh five net tons or greater. As the owner of the vessel, you must be a US citizen before you are given such privilege.

Is COD a requirement?

As mentioned earlier, all commercial vessels weighing five net tons or greater must be documented with the USCG. If you do not use your vessel in fishing activities in the EEZ or international waters, you do not have to document your ship.  If you are engaged in coastwise trade, you must document your boat. In this trade, you use your boat to transport a merchandise or passengers between the US or the EEZ. Furthermore, towboats that operate better the US and EEZ must be documented.

what is USCG Documentation

How should I know if my vessel is five net tons?

You can go to the USCG office to help you determine if your boat is five net tons. However, most ships that are more than 25 feet in length are likely to weigh five net tons or more.  Vessels that are five net tons but do not operate on international waters or in the EEZ are not required to be documented.

Types of documentation

A COD is endorsed for a fishery, recreation, coastwise or registry. A documented vessel can be used for recreational purposes, no matter what endorsement it has. However, if your boat is documented but with a recreational endorsement can only be used for that purpose. In that case, you cannot operate it for commercial fishing activities. But, as mentioned earlier, you must prove that you are the owner of the vessel. You must also be a US citizen and be eligible for the kind of endorsement you are seeking. To establish ownership, you must submit builder’s certification with your name in it. You can submit a manufacturer’s certificate of origin or a copy of state registration that shows you own the vessel. If you want to know more information on what is USCG Documentation or If you are ready to document your boat initially, please head over to our homepage or go directly to our Initial Documentation page. You can also reach Maritime Documentation Center calling at (800) 535-8570 or by email at info@maritimedocumentation.us